Klasik pokerde kombinasyonlar

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104 thoughts on “Klasik pokerde kombinasyonlar

  1. Buddy promised he wouldnt say anything and would drag the chips in like a champ then says see how much value i got out of 10 high

  2. These are weak, there are way better fights. The best one was when a ginger yelled at Phil and called him a punk and said no one should buy his poker videos…but you can tell the ginger was jealous.

  3. I was looking to come across guy jumps across table punch poker player lol

  4. Tony G is that guy who gets bullied a lot in school and you wish you could hit in the face as well.
    im surprised none of the players lost their temper on him yet.

  5. I hate tony g, and he was kinda a scumbag in the last one, but who will believe that someone, especially HIM would go all in without looking at his cards?

  6. O believers! Intoxicants, gambling, idols, and drawing lots for decisions1 are all evil of Satan’s handiwork. So shun them so you may be successful.Satan’s plan is to stir up hostility and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling and to prevent you from remembering Allah and praying. Will you not then abstain?


  7. Man that number 4 “fight”.. im surprised youtube could show that clip, im shocked it didnt get flagged and removed it was so brutal.. Same with the #2 ppl who are actually friends and always nice and respectful to each-other..

  8. I was waiting for chips and fist to be thrown, wtf is this passive aggressive crap?

  9. Watching Tony G and Vanessa Selbst lose is almost orgasm worthy.

  10. 14:40 Its The First Time I Laughed Out Loud in Years . TONY Has A New FAN!!!

  11. Tony g . The funniest most entertaining poker player. Bottom line. Win or lose he is entertaining to watch. And he plays the game … haa

  12. Empty barrels make the most noises that Tony prick, makes noise that’s his only way to win

  13. It was a personal bet between two poker players with the understanding that neither player looked at their cards. While obviously not illegal by Tony, it was pretty sleazy as the dealer hadnt even put down the flop. to me its similar to the ritual of touching gloves when the round begins in boxing, but instead of one of the fighters actually going through with the ritual, he takes a shot at the ungaurded opponent. If thats how Tony wants to play then fine, but everyone is on notice now that hes that type of player. However, Phil should have been aware that he did look at his cards though.

    1. @Alexander Smith Phil wouldnt have challenged if him if he knew that he looked at his cards. That wouldnt have been very bright as it would have put Tony at an advantageous position as Phil didnt look at his cards. But youre right, Phil should have known better and have paid more attention.

    2. Hes actually a stand up player, just runs his mouth. He was joking about not looking, obviously most at the table saw him look. He was being cheeky. Phil just blew up so Tony ran with it, being a jerk. Phil was justified but needs to keep an eye on his opponents. Tilly saw that he looked, she made a comment. Tony actually looked at his cards long enough 4 any1 to see he looked.

  14. Poker players always seem to be wearing either a nice suit or the grimiest hoodie and Jeans

  15. Im just here for the people that looked a Jennifer Tilly the entire segment of #1

  16. Tony G was great in this one. If Phil didn’t think Tony looked at his hand, why not be the nice guy and say “look my hand is very strong Tony and it wouldn’t be right for me to call or go all-in when I know I have a strong hand and you don’t.” Tony has no obligation to tell the truth. It’s all mind games. Without forcing him in any way, he convinced Phil to go all-in knowing that he had a very strong hand. Well played.

  17. I hate tony G with a passion but o fully agree about Robl. Just make a fuckin decision already holy shit, playing 30 minutes for 1 hand.

  18. Hopefully that fat fuck bully tony isnt in public service anymore

  19. Seems like Dan had a ton of respect for Vanessa, and rightly so. I don’t see a rivalry there.

  20. This is what you call losing temper in poker??? Wtf thought someone was gonna stand up or something ready lol

  21. hawkins “stfu and just play”
    continues talking shit the whole tiem
    alright bud

  22. Wait, is wearing reflective sunglasses allowed in poker? I dont play much

  23. Dan frequently claiming mis-clicks as he does is Scumbag playing. And i kind of like Dan but thats the actions of a lowlife.
    Everyone at the table should feel insulted by it, and lowered by it.

    1. Also in a situation like that i am troubled by the clock warning. And Tony G actions during a case as this was.
      This is when a prestigious tournament looks more like crackheads pitching pennies for crumbs in the gutter.
      Their actions combined even though independent (if not independent you just watched a tainted game) should be cause for concern for the hosts integrity.

  24. why couldnt someone just make a bot to automate playing hands? lol seems like a simple enough strategy for easy money.

  25. Anyone who thinks what Tony G did in that last hand was ok shouldnt be allowed to play poker. YES people may consider Poker a Game of Deception but its not a game of angles. And that type of play is just another Angle Shoot. Were but talking about bluffing or giving off deliberate false tells. Saying youre going to raise blind after looking at your cards and then repeatedly confirming that you didnt look after the other player and if youre serious is totally an angle. And as far as Im concerned there is no difference in that play tell when a player intentionally hides his high denomination chips under his stack or does forward notion to get information or string bets to get information. To see if the other issue objects or goes along with it.

  26. I don’t see how they are professional when all these high bets for pairs and all in with half mil at stake unless they got money like that. I seen some bluff dramatically where I’m like I just don’t see my self throwing away that much for two pair. It’s basic random luck and strategy and looking ahead at the other player and realizing what they may have and if you have garbage 🗑 hands yeah don’t bluff on that when the other person may call you then they got better hands. It’s not professional to me it’s basic strategy to learn the game and you are called professional by having lucky 🍀 hands that’s just my opinion. Not downgrading them just how I see it.

  27. Tony g is lucky this isn’t the west he would have caught a revolver round to the forehead…

  28. Damn it dude talking about that dude talking…youre talking way more witch makes you look a lot more douchy than him. He looked douchy at first but you made him look fine with no ego compared to all that shit you was talking. Smh.

  29. Where was the Fight during The Negreanu and Sidel Hand?…He lost and got up and walked away…

  30. This isnt actually the entire clip of the Tony G and Phil Helmut clash, Tony actually becomes a lot more toxic right when this video stops. Its worth watching the whole thing!

  31. That last Tony G did you believe me again? was too funny hahahahah

  32. Actually Toney was helping to daniel negreanu for folding best hand of his opponent , unbelievable!!!

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  34. I swear Daniel made some deal with the devil at the start of his career and never loses

  35. 1:23 Matt Damon from rounders and Daniel sounds like Edward Norton

  36. number 1, i hate the tillys and the hachems of the game….just keep your mouth shut!!!! those 2 are the ones who propped tony g up with the didnt look bit, if those 2 dont say a word, tony g never pulls his trick 😛

  37. Vince Van Patten said Selbst had a Big Boy haircut. HA

  38. fights?!?! More like bluster of over spoiled kids!

  39. I hear Tony G is a cool dude when hes not playing poker but hes an azz when playing. Someone needs to do him like he does others…he wouldnt like it.

  40. We all know Shak was bluffing when he said he thought Selbst was one of the best in the game.

  41. Watched #4 & instantly thumb-downed — i hate click bait videos

  42. Tony G offering to stake Phil is such a beautiful dick move

  43. That Hawkins guy was right. The other one started that shit. Then he wants to look like wtf man when he starts getting wailed. Shouldve kept your mouth shut.

  44. Lets be honest, Phil wouldve lost all his chip if they had played that hand to the river and he wouldve been even more pissed.

  45. Ive seen this ploy used many times. Anyone who falls for it is an idiot and deserves to get stacked, especially a pro against a sketch like Tony G.

  46. They are not internet poker pros just players getting lucky.

  47. Flucking Maurice talkins. Butthurt because of 1 comment. Then proceeds to keep going on and on… fucking Maurice fucking talkins.

  48. Tony G fucking sucks 💀 so unbelievably annoying to watch.

  49. I agree…players should have a time limit clock on each hand….

  50. Poker, the only game you can completely fuck up. And some how win in the end lol


  51. Wow, Daniel has done this twice now in tournaments. Dog act and thought he wouldnt stoop as low as this

  52. Am I the only one that has no idea what’s going with the game but just love the action

  53. G is like a fat ozzy hunchback..He cant have many friends surely..

  54. Tony g is annoying af I hope he lost that poker game.

    1. Of coarse I lied it’s poker was a good one tho 😂

  55. That dude in the purple got so butthurt lmao, funniest dude ever, dude got his feelings hurt

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