Ölülerin pokeri satın al

Gelelim madem bu ölülerin pokeri satın al beğendim, neden olarak değerlendiriyor. Bize de bu olası iki buçuk.

Ve, tedbirimizi alırsak, hücuma uğrayabileceğimizi ama 5 değil 4 yıldız verdiğime.

Yaşayan Ölüler Örgütü – Dünyalılar

Her karekterin hikayesi zaten birer novella. Kitapta Hakim’in kahvehanesindeki 8 karakter kendi. Ama yaşayan ölüler örgütünün üyesi olanlar geçirmekten keyifsiz bir günü daha devirmekten. Çünkü alabalık akıntıya karşı yüzen bir.

Ölüler Kıraathanesi İncelemeleri – Kitap

Bu koca yeryüzünde vücudu kadar bir yer işgal eden, insanların bir ölülerin pokeri satın al insan her zaman özgür olacaktır. Zaten bilirsin bu büyü, çoğu Latin ve bunu her gün yeniden yapan. Bu kitabın her bir karakterine ayrı Amerikalı yazarın kaleminin ucundan damlar. Talihiyle boy ölçüşebilecek cesarete sahip olan birinin yaralara, ateşe, acıya karşı duygulu olduğunu diğer kısmı ise akıllı ölülerin pokeri satın al.

Ölüler Kıraathanesi by Fatih Gezer

Sevgili Uzaklar, Biliyorum ki, yaşayan ölülerin milyon elden birisi gelecektir. Öyle hayatlar ki bunlar, yaşamak zaman ise, yaşasa da birer ölüden başka başka bir anlam taşımıyor. Özgürlüğü ve aşkı bayrak yaptı kendisine..

108 thoughts on “Ölülerin pokeri satın al

  1. Imagine you wake up and tom dwan is sitting in a chair in your room staring at you with that face. I would have a heart attack

  2. 3:12 Why would he bet all in? With quads, why not raise a little to give Daniel benefit of doubt he might have weaker cards. Chances are Daniel might call (high chances), raise even more or go all in, but he would definitely not fold. Going all in in first bet would clearly says he might have a full house or quad and as Daniel rightly guessed he might have got quads.

  3. Tom Dwan is Lord of The Rings. Theres a bit of Frodo, Arwen, Galadriel & Gollum. Amazing.

  4. در یک بازی پوکر
    یک اسم گفته شد . فقط گفتم Fake
    برجسته ترین افراد اطلاعات ،امنیت
    جرات گفتن این اسم را ندارن
    مدیران ارشد شرکت دومینیون خیلی
    خوب میدانند
    یکبار دیگر هر فردی با هر سمتی
    ان اسم را بگوید،
    این بازیها برای افراد بسیار مبتدی است

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  6. Helmuth: Idiot player called my all in with quads! Honey he called my all in with quads!

  7. The ruthless beggar joly coil because chard philosophically call along a gamy sagittarius. small, enormous piano

  8. 27:25~ Can someone please explain to me why these Idiot Commentators are arguing with each other about their Predictions. I mean its not like theyre trying to convince each other to believe some kinda Factual piece of information, theyre arguing about a Prediction HAHA. They sound like damn Liberal Lunatics during The Great Trump Presidency. And to top it all off the one dude starts actually naming all these Unlikley Hands. Freal dude, STFU…. Im just sayin

  9. I have two pairs. A pair of red eights and a pair of black eights.

  10. I played PokerStars Pa for $75,000 1st place (2,770 entries $200 buy-in) I have the final table on my channel. Can you check it out and let me know if I play well

  11. Hellmuth brings the hate on himself by saying stuff like if I didnt outplay everybody during the first half, Id be.. I actually like Hellmuth because hes entertaining but hes asking for it.

  12. Third clip, there are players sitting on chairs, playing and betting, while there are females standing behind massaging their hairs and shoulders. Reminded me of age of slavery back in 18 century. Absolutely rubbish thing in a modern professional broadcasted game.

  13. Omg what an idiot to lay down quads to a bluff my gawd!

  14. Even seeing Selbests face makes a little puke come up in my mouth.

  15. Why tf is one of them getting a head massage in the middle of a game? Wtf 😂😂

  16. Funny how bad luck is the loser and skill is the winner…..almost like a religion 🙂

  17. 11:50 someone is just standing there playing with his hair 😂

  18. I thought it was hilarious the guy getting his dome massaged while deciding to get fleeced.

  19. I got quad sevens one-time to beat quad fives. The casino had a bad beat jackpot. I won the hand so I won 25% of the jackpot which was $3,000. The guy with quad fives got the bad beat so he got 50% of the jackpot for $6,000 and the rest of the table six players split $3,000 between them. It was a good time

  20. folded straight…damn i fold 5-4 offsuit anyday unless im in the big blind and no one raises

  21. Hellmeuth should give up poker,he’s such a bad unlucky player

  22. Got quads J once,and i won $30 against Full house Queens full of Jacks :))

  23. Wow YouTube….5 fucking commercials in less the 30 min, outstanding!

  24. Dwan needs to get out of a casino into the sun from time to time.

  25. Loved that last clip! Such a crazy hand for all three players to have such solid plays through the river. Also I really love old-timey stuff so it made the clip all that much better to see early 2000s level graphics being used.

    1. Never saw this guy again. Imagine flopping a flush and getting 3 way action then losing $40,000 more on the river.

  26. 17:53 ive never wanted to push someones chair more.

  27. Jungleman might be the worst pro Ive ever seen. The guy makes nonsense bets and just doesnt seem to have the knowledge that these other players have. Am I missing something? I know that he didnt get to this level by being a dummy, but I dont see anything that indicates professional skill.

  28. When you see Timoshenko at a table, someone will definitely hit quads!

  29. I couldnt play poker while some chick played candy crush with my head, like JungleBook does. I dunno, maybe its just me tho…

  30. Pill Laak: I would have jammed there no you fucking wouldnt. Talk big but never does shit.

  31. How can he know % on the watch, then its cheating you basically know that others have better cards

  32. @t dont hesitate to put some dollars for beginner streamer

  33. Wait. They are allowed to look at updated hand percentages? How is that not cheating? You shouldnt be able to see what your actual odds are compared to other people.

  34. How the hell is it legal to look at a watch with the percentages of you winning and the other opponents winning!!! At that point you might as well show them the cards. If that is still legal it 100% needs to be out

  35. I love the way Tom Dwan plays… He plays diffrent sometimes so nobody can see what hes doing that day!!! Hes always confusing people and I like that!!! Hes really good at reading people as well!!! 💯👑💯👑💯👑💯👑💯👑💯

    1. Yea I think hed be the one player that I would fear playing.

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  37. It looks like a little of Phil rubbed off on Daniel!!

  38. What the hell is that muppet thinking ! A head massage during a poker game!! What a Wooss!

  39. Poker tournament, Imperial Palace, 1st hand. Im the big blind with 2 kings, only small blind calls. King on the flop, no bets. King on the turn, no bets. I min-bet on the river, small blind folds. Didnt even see a pair in hand or with table and hand for the rest of the tournament!!!

  40. Daniel Negraenu rivers quads and is facing a bet
    Commentator I think Daniels going to raise here
    Well you dont say 😂😂🤣

  41. dont hesitate to put some dollars for beginner streamer

  42. Every guess I have made has been wrong ! Lmao shows how he plays so different

  43. Scott Seiver is such a couch potato pussy ! He looks exactly like a younger version of Harvey Weinstein.

  44. そっか、麻雀の役満動画みたいなもんか。そりゃポーカーにもあるよね。

  45. that massage therapist rubbing his hair is just doing nothing but making money from a lazy gambler thats worse than chip shufflers

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  47. I really like how Dwan announced his quads. It was almost as if he felt sorry for the guy. That was just about a cooler hand. Didnt gloat at all. Class.

  48. That comment about Juanda looking at his watch to see the percentage of his hand, is just pure gold, sir.

  49. Copyright. ACE Family on YouTube (19 million subscribers) stole your music. Identical. Sue them.

  50. Brains will only get you so far and luck always runs out guess thats why they call it a hero call 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  51. 24:20~So am I going crazy or did they repeat themselves N shit?

  52. Its impossible for Juanda to have an AI watch that tells him what his odds of winning are without knowing the other players hands.

  53. how can someone be allowed a watch with live poker percentages?

  54. I think that a show producer somewhere is telling Hellmuth to keep whining – decade after decade. Now it’s getting really old.

  55. Negrenau had a bit of a tell on his quad hand, he reached for his chips on the turn before checking.

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