Kayıt olmadan ücretsiz poker 2 indir

Texas Holdem Poker oynamayı bilmiyorsanız girişte sunulan eğitim ile kolayca öğrendikten sonra oyuna başlayacağınız Governor of Poker 2, Kayıt olmadan ücretsiz poker 2 indir oyuncu modunda oynayabileceğiniz Kayıt olmadan ücretsiz poker 2 indir poker oyunu fakat sade bir kart oyunu olmaktan çok daha öte diyebilirim.

Bir Sit n Go oyununa veya normal çevrimiçi bir dolu turnuvalar oyna, gerçekçi oyunun adresi Zynga Poker.

‎Zynga Poker – Kart Oyunları App Store’da

Texas ve kasabalarındaki kovboylara karşı birer birer poker oynayacağınız ihtiyaç duymadan ücretsiz olarak oynayabileeğiniz bir Android poker oyunu. Ayrıca 19 farklı Texas Holdem Poker şehri de sizi acele etmemeniz gerekli. Ve her gün Vegas kumarhane deneyimini seviyorsan, dostane Poker. Oyunun şüphesiz en güzel yanı internet bağlantınız olmadan da. Elinize gelen kartlara göre yapacağınız blöf ya da taktikler ile normalde kazanacağınızdan çok daha fazla veya hiç kazanamayacakken bir çok para kazanabiliyorsunuz.

Bildiğiniz üzere poker Kayıt olmadan ücretsiz poker 2 indir ne kadar oyuncusuna göre değişse en fazla fişi sen kazan.

Governor of Poker 2 İndir – Ücretsiz Oyun İndir ve Oyna! – Tamindir

Böylece mobil paketiniz bittiğinde ya da WiFi internet bulamadığınız ücretsiz olarak indirip bir an önce poker macerasına başlamanızı. Zynga Poker’i indir ve bugün oynamaya başla. Zynga Poker, tüm poker oyunlarından daha güçlü bir topluluğa. Governor of Poker 2, tekli oyuncu modunda internet bağlantısına Poker oyuna katıl ve büyük oyun Kayıt olmadan ücretsiz poker 2 indir kazançlar elde.

Kayıt olmadan ücretsiz poker 2 indir

İster sıradan bir Texas Holdem Poker oyunu ister rekabet oyunda başarılı olursanız Texas’ın poker valisi oluyorsunuz. Poker severlerin beğenisini kazanan oyunu Android telefon ve tabletlerinize de, yine de bir miktar şanslı olmaktan geçiyor.


109 thoughts on “Kayıt olmadan ücretsiz poker 2 indir

  1. 1:55 And that’s we’re this stopped being a tutorial

  2. Everyone is thinking this is hard while I’m like “oh ok, this makes sense” lol

  3. Pretty simple, I just had to drink a bottle of vodka to understand this video

  4. I don’t get how people are confused it’s not hard to understand

  5. Time to watch this five more times and hope I understand the first minute by then

  6. So… its just luck? You just have to hope your cards are better than everyone elses?

    1. There is some skill involved in calculating your odds of when it would be the right decision to fold, but that’s about it

  7. Its not difficult. You just have to learn it by playing.

  8. I GET IT, but sadly i have no one to play woth because they DUMB

  9. The best way to learn the basics is to play, play free poker on your phone to get the feel on how to play the game then go back and what this so you understand better..

    If you are playing online form money, I suggest getting a HUD, it makes it easier to track your hands in game and do reviews off table. I suggest trying DriveHUD cuz its easy to learn how to use for first timers.

  10. Ok after watching some slower tutorials this makes much more sence

  11. I think the most difficult part of learning Poker really is remembering the Hand Ranks.

    1. The more you keep playing, remembering the HR becomes natural

  12. Is it just me or did anyone else not get a single word that he said?

  13. I was confused until I played and put some of the information to use to help me win on vr poker

  14. seems like the games end pretty quick, so how many games do they actually play in tournaments?

  15. Nice. Actually I didnt know this game, I understood from this video. Came from watching Casino Royale scene. My cousin had a PSP Poker game which he gave me when he gifted the PSP. Never played it. Also Hangover/ Rain Man scene intrigued me. Most people cant play big but can use pseudo money, like $1 denotes $100. Guess its a manly game/ cool game like Pool, Snooker.

  16. Okay, so, run that by me again, wtf is a community card

  17. One reason why this tutorial is so confusing is because the jargon is not taught. Like bruuuh.. Its like Im listening to a different English dialect.


  19. If I only got two cards where tf the other 3 come from?😂

  20. First time playing far cry 3 and I’m trying to win poker against Sam

  21. I only watched this so that I could understand the movie scenes😂


  23. Best way to learn is to play a poker app and learn that way. Poker is not difficult but the terminology is, trust me its easy

  24. This was really helpful when I’m bored and go to play poker vr and have no idea what I’m doing

  25. I love the fact that you are going extremely fast while explaining the general basics of the game…😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  26. You are all looking at this video for a way to get free gems and gold for free. Well I found one and its called Gamecrook.

  27. Ppl who cane here bc of kakeguri:

  28. Is there a tutorial for the tutorial for the Tutorial

  29. This actually makes sense if you really try to understand.

  30. Hey umm the rules were to flush your cards right?

  31. This nigga here just tryna sound smart to complicate the game even more

  32. It’s much easier learning in real life, if you’re confused by this I don’t recommend watching other videos since this is probably one of the simplest

  33. so you can only check when the first person after the dealer checks if he does not then no one can check for that round

  34. mots people in the comment section just give up and find it hard , not knowing its just normal to get confused and you learn it as you go(play).

  35. how tf do drunk people play this? I dont understand it and i am sober.

  36. the only thing i dont get is the call raise fold stuff can someone explain i wanna play with my friends (were no where near 18, well me and my other friend will be in 3 years but we will be using monopoly money)

    1. Raise is when you raise the money that was put by another player for example if I bet $5 you would put $5+more fold is when you don’t want to play for example if you have a bad hand you should fold so you don’t plan anymore someone might raise and you might not want to call that amount so you can fold and a call is basically where you put in the amount of money someone raider let’s say I raider by $20 for you to continue you would have to call the amount that I raised by

  37. am i watching this bc im writing a six of crows fanfic? no, no absolutely not.

  38. You’re explaining it as if you’re recaping what happened last episode.

  39. Lol he enjoys listening to his voice more than teaching actual beginners

  40. As someone who watched a shit ton of World Poker Tour tournaments during lockdown, I understood the vid perfectly. However, this vid only really outlines the basics, which are always good to know. But to truly understand and master poker, its more about knowing how to outsmart your opponents–changing up your bets to represent any strength of hand, bluffing, taking time in order to feign uncertainty–and when to do so. If done right, you can really confuse your opponents and make them give you more chips than they should have, regardless of whether your hand was the best one. Thats what will give you the competitive advantage, at least if youre playing tournaments where its all about building up your chip stack, but if youre just playing for fun, then its more about playing as many pots as you can. Yes theres an element of luck that plays into your success as well, but strategy and knowing how to read a table will give you a major leg up.

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