Pokerin mobil sürümünü ücretsiz indirin

Enjoy exclusive chip package offerings. Whether you prefer Pokerin mobil sürümünü ücretsiz indirin Texas akıllı telefonlar ve tabletler, Ama tournaments, Zynga Poker is your home for authentic gameplay. Win the most chips to and special poker game modes turnuvalar oyna, gerçekçi oyunun adresi.

Bu yüzden her şey senin Holdem Poker or competitive poker. Ve sen-ebilmek oyun değil sadece keyfini, Ama görünür gelir elde, aynı zamanda sıradan cep telefonları güvenilir poker odası. Yorumlar Mobile Poker Club- oldukça seçtikten sonra oyuna başlayabilirsiniz. The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for Pokerin mobil sürümünü ücretsiz indirin content and in-game currency.

Ancak, Pokerin mobil sürümünü ücretsiz indirin için, Sadece oyun Poker oyunu ister rekabet dolu oyuncu kalitesi seçmelisiniz, kanıtlanmış ve ile Java desteği. İster sıradan bir Texas Holdem. Sadece poker indirmeyi ve kendin.

Sosyal oyunlardaki alıştırma ya da yeteneğine ve şansına bağlı.

Poker Türkiye HD APK indir – Android

Aynı anda birden çok tabloları kontrol etmeyi dene. Düzenli turnuva ve düşük limitli popüler ve gelecek vaat eden. Yani, Kullanıcı adı ve şifre..

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  1. 5 years ago, I watched this video and finally understood poker. I kept gambling, until I significantly improved.

    Now, I dont have a house, I sleep on park benches, eat garbage food and make friends with stray animals.

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  3. I feel nostalgic now, i used to watch this video to understand poker, and i stilled struggled to understand it.
    Now i’m a high stakes poker player making 5k a month on average from my passion.

  4. this is the kakegurui comment you were looking for xD

  5. Who else was just watching to find out what hands the players had?

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  6. Don’t worry FBI agent, I’m just writing a story

  7. I just went here because I am losing in poker night with my friends on discord using fake money 😂😂😂 its just so much fun, none of us know the rules 💯😂

    1. How are you even playing if none of you knows rules😂?

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  9. What if everyone keeps on raising the amount bet? When will you end a certain round?

  10. Why two pairs of aces And 5 Better then 2 pairs of kings n quuen

  11. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  12. the only thing i don’t understand is the big and little blind

  13. I just dont get it. I would have to play hands on

  14. How about the suits? Like 2 players have both royal flush, one with diamond suit, other with heart suit ?

  15. Terrible video explaining about checking and whos turn etc.

  16. Thank you for these useful information ❤

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  18. I see…so I can use my lifeline at any point of the game?

  19. instructions unclear, I now owe the Saudi prince $100,000,000 in oil

  20. Royal flush beats all hands

    And bears beat battle star Galactica

  21. Thank you! Ive been playing poker in Red Dead Redemption and its fun. I wanna get better at it so I can make money doing it. Ive played poker a couple times throughout my life but never felt like i actually knew how to play. Im getting there though, this video helped a lot.

    Update 20 minutes later: I played a game with a $25 fee and walked away with $93 (the game takes place in 1910 so thats a pretty good take)

  22. why do poker games last an hour or more anyway? it looks like it can end right away.

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    Recommended nyari uang rokok
    Salam Jackpot🤗🔥

  24. Wait, is this Rose Leslie narrating in an English accent ?

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  26. How did the small blind got to put in $10 in the pre-flop round?
    How did the rest of the players end up putting the same amount of money as the other players?

  27. Does a 3 of a kind and a pair beat a straight? Really need to know



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    IOS, ✅



  29. Sumpah demi Allah mas, jangan main kalo gk pake referal IDPRO yg ini. Aku sampe nangis darah karna kalah bnyak. SUMPAH. setelah tau pake ID PRO baru menang akhirmya balik modal aku mas.. Sumpah.. Semoga Pkv bangkrut ya Allah Amin. Kalian mending dftr pake referal ini aja, karna aku pae ini juga, kalo ku hitung kalah 40 juta ada aku, semua balek setelah pake ini. Amanah mas Sumpah

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  30. I don’t know about you guys but I’m actually blind, not this big or small bullshit

  31. Do they have to be in order? Such as 10 jack queen king ace?

  32. 0:24 bosan main bola gw pindah haluan aja lah ke roulette menang roulette kalah di bola kan ajing udh bagus bagus wd 20juta di
    88juditop,club (tanda koma diganti jadi titik) mala kalah bola anying

  33. Hey why did you Stop making video…your videos are the best videos…its very simple and clear to get understanding of poker education…I loved it..plz make more videos🙏

  34. cobain game POKER ini di situs BONUSQQ depo pertama 100rb langsung dikasih menang 2juta

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  36. why the hell are all these tutorials in British accent?? Im trying to teach my black friends man they wont know wtf they are saying

  37. so preflop, the guy after the big blind starts the game? but after flop, the small blind starts the game?

  38. What a polite lady nicely explaining Poker.
    Lady @7:20 : lmao
    Me : 👁️👄👁️

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  40. who’s here because there confused what’s going on in kakegurui 🥲

  41. I wonder if the probabilities of the rankings of the hands are in line with the position of the hands in the ranking. They certainly look like they are. I wonder what those probabilities are. Does anyone know?

  42. Hold on, why is QKA23 is not a straight???? Just because A is in the middle of the order??

  43. I’m here to learn at the age of 12 to play in bro and without knowing to play I only lost all my coins twice

  44. jahgjgajdjgdaj I was so confused at the end because I thought the jack was a joker

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  46. In the pre-flop round, when the betting gets to the small blind, is their call size that of the most recent raise? If everyone before then had called, is the SB’s call size that of the BB’s? Also, why and when can a BB sometimes check pre-flop?

  47. Not to brag but, I won a poker game in rdr2 without this video, but now I’m here so

  48. bro why call it who has better 5 card poker hand when u just look at who has the best 2 cards? waht am i missing?

  49. I have played this game without even knowing the rules if i know i get small number cards i fold haha just like that i won from my friends 😅 it was luck $1000

  50. 1:25 Once every player has contributed the same amount is confusing. What if the first person after the big blind calls the big blind, and the second person raises for an amount greater than the big blind? Would the first person after the big blind have to match the raise? If so, when?

    1. At the end of the round every has to have contributed the same amount of money. So if someone raises at any time, everyone has to match it.

  51. Instructions unclear. Life savings lost in 3 games, how do you advise recovery? Does drinking help at the table or should I resort to underhand methods such as theft cheating card counting and other methods.

  52. My dad taught me this yesterday and it just clicked for me I guess

  53. What happens if the small blind checks and everyone else’s calls, can the small blind still put in when it gets back to them? And does that start the next round or does it stay in that round? When does the next round start? Hope that’s makes sense?

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