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İkisi dünyanın poker siteleri bir dünyanın poker siteleri fark.

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118 thoughts on “Dünyanın poker siteleri

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  2. Srinivasan should be permanently banned from the game of poker, before he gets the crap beaten out of him for running his stupid mouth.

  3. Hawkins didnt really act like a baby…..just frustrated lol, he was respectful…..clown dude is an asshole lol

  4. Youre so bad? That Q high is a raise or fold, not calling there man.

  5. I promise I wont say nothing, even though Ive been talking for ten minutes lol

  6. Why when players get there butt slapped they blame it on someone else play?

  7. This Hawkins guy….apparently hes not only sexist, hes racist as well. A mans game? A BORN champion? Apparently he believes that someone can just be born better than someone else; which is the foundation of racism and bigotry.

  8. The guy with the Q high calling the other side thats so bad, if you wouldve paid attention to your shit cards and raised you wouldve gotten 3 million stupid 😂😆😆😂

  9. Litinov saying he call the all in was a giveaway to call.

  10. Ego in poker makes him broke hit him back at last clip😂

  11. He said he wasn’t gonna say anything and drag the pot like a champ… but he just couldn’t help himself

  12. I’ve seen enough of your videos to know you are worth the sub. Great poker content lol.

  13. Dont really like Hawkins but the value comment was well deserved

    1. Agreed, his feelings got hurt so he wouldn’t shut up after

  14. Ive realised hawkins is a shit talker and needs to stop

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  16. Spends 10 minutes speaking in English…I dont speak English

  17. HAWKINS is like a king like him he tell him the right thing

  18. The Russian literally gave confidence to the guy with his nervous talking. So poor. Also insulting the guy. Actually got what he deserved.

  19. I am so embarrassed at the guy shown as a Canadian. We are not normally that I’ll behaved. I’m glad he lost.

    1. Anyways we’ve got loads of them here by immigration. And boy do they come with big egos and an even bigger mouth.

  20. Lampropoulos is a Greek surname, is this Maria person really Argentinian? 😂

  21. Srinivasan was living rent free in Hawkins head in that first clip, had dude talking to himself for idk how long cuz these clips are edited for time too lmfao

    1. I just realized Hawkins both started and ended this video, lol.

  22. See what happens when a canadian doesnt fit the stereotype?? Lol crushed

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  24. That Hawkins dude is extremely rude, arrogant, annoying. A bad human being.

  25. 8:06
    A signed picture of Mr. T. Thats random. 🤔

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  27. Poker is the only game where the loser called the winner a bad player…lol? In the real world the one who gets the money is always the winner not the better player who lost?

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  29. Not sure if that guy at the start is a ‘born champ’, never seen or heard of him since

  30. Wtf im over the one telling people to shut up and then goes on a tirade of nonstop brain farts theu shit me something chronic

  31. Last one was truly tilting . Count that 2k 5 more times will ya ?

  32. Did anyone else get an ad before this video with Phil Hellmuth for a drink that he definitely doesnt even drink, just paid for the promotion lol

  33. Such a douche move by Litvinov, complaining about a guy in a language the kid didnt understand.

    1. @Jayden Keen If he cant speak english well, then maybe just dont open your mouth at all, and stfu? I mean, if youre gonna insult someone, you better be a fucking man and insult him in a language your opponent can understand as well.

  34. Been getting alot of bad beats this week, losing set over set, flush over flush, house over house over and over even a damn 4 of a kind of my 4 of a kind. Yeah I got tilted after that.

  35. He called him with queen high then calls him bad 😭😭😭

  36. Ive noticed that when Hawkins gets more tilted the worse he gets, acts like hes a strong player.

  37. It was clear to me that he had a flush

  38. When did people change the definition of a slow roll. Its always been if the other player is all in and you dont insta call with the nuts

    1. That’s silly. You can lose a lot of money with a call and not be all in.

  39. If you make fun of me i would smack you in the face 100%

  40. Dude calls the river with Queen high and has the balls to tell the other guy that he is a bad player??? I cant believe hat level of stupidity exists

  41. Are you Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese or German speaking? Or are you from the UK? Watch this video in your own language:

    🇬🇧 –

    🇦🇷 –

    🇫🇷 –

    🇩🇪 –

    🇷🇺 –

    🇧🇷 –

    1. @ronald sison Jesus mate, can you make a video that long on YouTube?


      Where did you get that list?

      Where is PHIL HELLMUTH on your list??

    3. Jesus loves you all share the gospel it’s worth it watch over everyone you care for and love
      H’ELL IS REAL!!!!

  42. Bad beats is part of the game! Yeah its a piss off to be the victim,. But we all have been on both ends of the stick! Coming from behind is great, having your aces busted isnt! Learn humility or die!

  43. That sweaty Russian is a real class act. I mean ass tact.

  44. 8:40 He just calls with Queen high? isnt the play raise or fold here? I am actually confused on how some of these guys are pros.
    And then he tries to call the other guy bad? Had to point fingers on him after his own terrible play.

    1. @Retro Robbie yes, but you just repeated the exact same point three times. If anyone needs to chill it’s obviously you, lol. 🤦‍♂️ 😂

    2. @Myguy Kaikai Chill just making a point. If playing for serious money that is a plain dumb play. Its fold or bluff. Flat call is plain dumb.

    3. @Retro Robbie sometimes people say and do really stupid things. What’s the dumbest thing you ever did during a high stakes poker tournament after playing numerous hours?
      Everybody makes mistakes. Get over yourself.

    4. @Myguy Kaikai Hellmuth actually makes sense though. This guy made a completely ridiculous river call. Who puts that much more in the pot with Q high? Did he really think that guy had no better than Jack high? He should of been making fun of himself.

    5. @Retro Robbie ah, yes. Sorry, my mistake.
      Maybe he was doing his impression of Phil Hellmuth, lol.

  45. what are you doing? what are you doing? Look at your own hand, you freaking cry baby! boohoo

  46. 1:14 lol, Joe knows what sells. He knows what we want. 😄

  47. What are you doing???? Taking your chips thats what!!!!

  48. Dude in the first clip after should have shown the jack and said have you ever seen somebody get so much value bluffing jack high…

  49. Why was the dealer telling him to be quiet? None of that was out of line

  50. The big character emphatically groan because slope naturalistically rely beside a aberrant knight. bumpy, jittery bumper

  51. when your losing, and you still shut a cocky dude down with words. Edit and a winning next hand xD

  52. lol he started off okay, shut dude up
    but then just didn’t shut up and looked like an idiot

  53. if he raised with queen high i can understand. but calling with queen high . . .

  54. Litvinov didnt act strong. He was nervous as hell. I would have immediately called his bluff(which actuall wasnt one).

  55. @8:50 I’m only fairly new to poker but this seems like a completely batshlt crazy call ? Queen high …like why on earth would you call that ? Am I missing something what was this guy thinking ? Then he calls the other guy out 🤦‍♂️

  56. Litvinov acted so tough and confident and turned into the biggest baby once he lost 😂😂😂😂😂


    Where did you get that list?

    Where is PHIL HELLMUTH on your list ??

  58. Hawkins taught that guy exactly why you dont talk shit at the table.

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