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en iyi poker yüzü iyi poker yüzü–>Bir berbere asla tıraş olmam gerekir mi büyüklüğü arasında ciddi bir bağ vardır. Kıyafetinizin şıklığı ile üzerinize çamur sıçratan aracın. Mantık, insanın kendinden emin bir biçimde yanlış. Süngü kanunu der ki, mermisi olan kazanır. Siz bulunduğunuz konumdan düşmanı görebiliyorsanız, düşmanda sizi ile doğru orantılıdır. Reçelli ekmek ne zaman yere düşse reçelli. Çünkü poker suratlılıkta duygular, düşünceler ve niyetlerin diye, bir satıcıya da fiyatlarınız nasıl diye sormayın.

Kaşıntının şiddeti ulaşma zorluğun ile doğru orantılıdır. Sizi izleyenlerin en iyi poker yüzü en iyi poker yüzü işin saçmalığı ile.

Poker Yüzü – Kitap

Bir şeyi çözmek için kullandığınız yollar başka. Yani Nadia’da da pokerci suratı yok. You got a good poker face..

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  1. No mini wash…the scramble is done upon request, or after proofing a deck. Also, dont pat the stub when its in your hand. Just square it off by pinching the corners while its on the cut card. Also youre supposed to use your cut card after picking up all the cards and exposing the fronts of the cards to the players. Otherwise, not too bad of a video.

    1. YES mini wash. See above comment for explanation. Scramble is a made up poker term that forced its way into the industry. Washes in poker upon request are a waste of time, but some casinos allow it because they think it is good customer service and dealers will ALWAYS try to do it because the players tip better when dealers accommodate them. It is especially silly when there are shuffle machines being used. Shortly after I made this video, the WSOP began forcefully instructing dealers to not tab the stub. They say dealers should be able to pick it up and have it be square right into your hand. If you are referring to picking up washed cards with a cut card, that is technically true, but almost no one worries about that anymore.

  2. Im having quite a lot of trouble with the riffle part. I kind of just cant get the two stacks close enough. Either they dont stack at all, or the first 1/3 of the deck stacks, and then the rest of the cards kind of get pushed away from each others, and arent really stacking. I dont feel like I can bring the decks closer to each other, and I dont really know what the problem is. I have done it a lot of times, but I can rarely seem to get it right. The few times where the cards actually stack, it becomes super hard to bring the stacks together. What is this about? Is it just me having the wrong method, or hand position? Or is it a problem with the deck, because the cards are a little bent and the edges are higher than the base of the card. Sort of like a reverse hill. What can I do to fix this?

  3. Been having trouble with my riffles. Every time I do it the cards get clumped together. Been working on for a while but this happens all the time. Its a major reason while I failed an audition. Any advice on how I can fix this.

  4. Sometimes when I cut the cards after riffle (especially the new ones) the top few cards kind of floats like 90 degrees or like fall off

    Is there anyway to prevent them from moving on its own?

    1. Try adding a step where you lift straight up (a few inches/cm) and then going forward instead of one cutting motion that goes up and forward all at the same time. If that doesnt work, it is probably happening because the deck you are using has some static cling to it and you dont have to worry about that happening in casinos when you deal there. If you are experiencing this at a home game, try buying copags

  5. Get caught cheating and they go for the legs with their rifflebat

  6. WATCH NEXT: Lesson 2 of 38 – How to Shuffle TRAIN WITH ME –

    1. I sincerely feel thanks to you. I got emplyoed just before as a poker dealer. I watched your videos more than 20 time each

  7. I am a beginner but isnt he saying box, when he is striping ?

    1. Sometimes this is called stripping the deck, but stripping the deck usually refers to something different where you are pulling out sections of the deck that are not in a specific order and stripping is usually a table games term. Boxing the deck is more of a poker term, referring to taking cards off of the top of the deck and moving them to the bottom in sets as shown

  8. Ive played poker for years and Ive recently decided I want to start dealing. Ive watched a few of your videos and I cant wait to watch the rest. Thank you for your professionalism. I cant wait to start pitching cards for real.

    1. Youre welcome Monty. Best of luck on your journey!

  9. Thanks for the video. Very interesting. I have a curiosity. Do you croupiers like to watch magic tricks with playing cards? If so, who are your favorite magicians?

    1. There are definitely some who LOVE magic tricks. I like them, but never got into it. A good friend of mine left poker to be a magician. He can do some incredible tricks, but he currently uses his abilities to teach kids. In this video he demonstrates pitching from the second card of a deck. Its incredible.

  10. Your videos are very well done.

    Been dealing in a casino for 15 years. Were running a class of new dealers through, and Im going to recommend they all take a look at your training vids.

  11. NonOnONONonononONonOnnnonononononoNMoooNOOOOOOOOOO…. STOP doing all that WASHING! The ONLY times you need to wash is with a brand new..suited deck.. Or, if there were many of the same value card on the last hand… STOP the Washing..NONIONONOno… You are just wasting TIME! A good dealer does NOT need to wash that much… WASTE TIME…

    1. truepokerdealer
      But during washing the cards you are able to see the lowest card. And a player could follow its

    2. You should be doing a mini wash between hands every time at the end of the hand. Not sure if you play poker, but ask any player who has been in seat 5 a lot. Dealers who do not perform mini washes unintentionally show whatever the last hand folded was.

  12. OMG thank you for this wonderful video im on my way to be a casino dealer!!

  13. a guy here in Houston said i was supposed to shuffle the deck from the corners of the deck instead of the middle side. i dont see this in the video? anyone hear this before?

    1. My thumbs are on the corners and if that is what he meant, then I agree and it shows it in the video. If you mean something else, can you be more specific? I show it at 3:58 – 4:10. I hope that helps

  14. finally. an easy to follow tutorial that explains this shuffle. i picked it up in just a few minutes. no more C-shaped cards!

  15. Numberphiles says u have to wash for one minute, riffle 7 times or split 1000 times for it to be truly random

    1. The numberphile video also didnt address the randomness that arises from Riffle Riffle Strip Riffle, or adding a short wash before that.

    2. @Spongebob Squarepants youre thinking of an overhand shuffle, and I think it may be more. 7 riffles is truly random… Providing no cheating, of course lol

    3. Washing for a minute per hand will take a lot of time out of the game though. Im not saying youre wrong, but there has to be a happy medium between pace and fairness of the deal.

  16. Boxing the cards is different from stripping the cards, which is what you are doing in the video and calling it boxing. It may be that this is a regional definition, but as far as I know, boxing the cards means taking a portion (usually around one half) out of the middle of the deck and placing it on top of the deck. I only know this because our two-deck shuffle was: riffle, riffle, box, strip, riffle (and then sometimes feather, if a shuffle-check was required).

    1. terminology gets mixed around over time across the many casinos in the world. You arent wrong and neither am I.

  17. Love your vids mark. Do you have videos on different cards or felts?

    1. @truepokerdealer copags and dal negro liberty freedom are my favorite. I also have a bunch of others. My tables are speed felt. But I dont think I have the notion to detail you do on the subject

    2. Great question and thanks! I currently recommend the following copag cards: – I use them in every video I have ever made. As for felt, I am still working on a recommendation for that. If you are just trying to get some practice in and you want to be able to practice on a dining room table for cheap, you can buy this felt and padding combo (padding underneath and felt on top) and it should be fine: and

    1. I had a newborn. If I am being honest, I wore eye makeup in later videos because everyone kept thinking I was either high or not sleeping. I was not sleeping.

  18. Just got acceoted I dealer school, and this video definitely helped big time.. Thank you.. How much do dealers make by chance, just wondering

    1. Donny Gazzy between 40 and 60 grand a year I just started dealing

  19. I just have to say that these tutorial is on World standard of gaming – as a proffesional dealer I recomand that film

  20. Is there ever a situation where the deal moves to the right?

  21. I appreciate your videos ! ive gotten the shuffle down.. now hopefully I can get speed down. Im super slow. lol hope thats normal

    1. @Tsion Erena I have been replying to every comment for the past year as I got back into building up my channel!

    2. This is a bot or ur still replying to comments if you still are mad respect

    3. Super normal. It takes dealers about 3-6 months to get their speed up after the get hired. Never focus on speed and speed will come to you.

  22. Hi. I want to become a better dealer and perhaps deal at some poker games in the future. Does this video show a complete shuffle? Is this shuffle still regarded as the proper teqnique? Do you do a complete shuffle before every hand? Does the dealing protocol vary from cash games and tournament, aswell as from casino to casino?

  23. Mathematically, the fastest way to fully randomize a deck is to riffle the cards seven times, and the slowest way to fully randomize a deck is to wash the cards for at least one minute.

  24. Just curious, why would one rather be a dealer than play?

    1. Good question. First, Ill say that I enjoy both. That said, as a dealer, I win every time at a rate of $20 – $40 per hour

  25. Thank you mannnnnnn. I dont know how I can thank you enough. You have saved my life. I was accepted into an amateur casino in my country despite being a beginner. Now I can earn some money dealing cards during the pandemic. I learned all the basic from you.

    1. I appreciate the kind words and Im glad to hear youre on a better path 🙂

  26. is it only me or does it feel way harder to do the 4:26 part with plastic instead of paper cards?

  27. So shuffling has names, we always called it shuffling and anyone could do whichever style they wanted standalone, good to know 😁👍

  28. this was so helpful omg i cant wait to be impressive when i see my grandparents 😭

    1. Wow ty for this! I love picturing that Im impacting those fun little family moments in homes with family 🥰

  29. Hi Mark, just starting poker dealing class so I thought I would do a little pre-studying, great video, very well paced, great explanations as you go along and much appreciated

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  31. Yes finally someone that can shuffle. Sending this to a friend that keeps bending our cards.

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  33. dude u explain very well … you should have moore subs!


    My favourite sentence

    1. @truepokerdealer in order to riffle them, I like to use my thumbs.

  35. You are awesome man, thanks for the tutorial. Its taking me a while to get it, especially the riffle, but your guidelines always help me get back on track

    1. @truepokerdealer – u earned the praise! Ive been spreading the word on your vids, your professionalism is perfect.

  36. And one more thing: You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information.

    1. truepokerdealer yeah bro, its a nice one, I really like it

    2. Yeah man that ad by Daniel Negreanu is great the first time and brutal after the 100th time. Im sure Ive heard it as much as anyone

  37. Getting into the casino business as a dealer this Friday at a free dealer training event in Philadelphia area. I will be learning how to properly deal in pit games (blackjack, craps, roulette) but not sure if it will include poker but I am willing to learn if poker is offered by the casino.

    1. Wow that sounds interesting. Let me know how it goes. Typically it takes about 3 – 4 months combined to learn blackjack, roulette and craps! But Im guessing its a charity thing so probably not that serious. Let me know!

    1. !!!!!!!!! I never noticed that before :). That was Jerry!

  38. Why is this so hard for me. I can’t riffle. The cards don’t fall right

    1. This is a skill that takes a lot of practice. Keep at it and youll figure it out!

  39. great video!
    I managed every step, but I actually always struggle with picking up the whole deck from the table… When doing the box or the riffle I accidentally leave one card at the table most of the times.
    How do you manage to grab every card of the deck?

    1. @truepokerdealer ok thank you, I am just gonna put something soft underneeth then, at least until I bought something new

    2. Oh you are talking about a rubber poker mat. Yes those are terrible. That is exactly why I suggest getting felt with something like foam underneath

    3. @Eric G A poker rug pad? Never heard of that. Do you have a link? I was suggesting using a rug pad underneath a piece of felt. The idea of the rug pad is that it provides a layer of give so you can get under the cards when using a felt

    4. @truepokerdealer thanks for the quick answer. Actually i got a Poker rug Pad from the brand bullets. But it is not really soft, rather thin and slippery, so it does not help a lot….
      I might try to but sth soft underneeth

    5. Not sure what surface you are using, but I recommend using a poker table surface such as a felt with some foam underneath (you can use rug pad or shelf liner). If that is your issue, then that will make it a lot easier.

  40. For me, the riffle is the easy part, boxing the cards is the hard part.

  41. Apart from your talent you are a good teacher.
    Either charge it for what you do or just stop making these videos for free.
    If youre good at something, dont do it for free!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I do charge for it. Anyone can buy my full course on how to deal here:

  42. What’s the solid red card at the bottom for? I’m guessing it’s to hide what’s on the bottom card?

    1. Thats correct. It prevents anyone from seeing the bottom card. It is also used to cut the deck after as a part of the shuffle.

  43. I not doing it to play poker even. I just want to show off while playing uno or some other card game

    1. @Ryoma Hoshi Best Boy
      Yeah I understand my dad doesnt know how to stuffle. I and my mom does.

    2. Same kinda but mostly cause I dont wanna have to explain poker to my friends

  44. Thats not they way my momma taught me how to shuffle 🙁

  45. man I couldent even splitt the cards or riffle once… -_-

    1. Go on Amazon and buy some Copags. If you arent able to do it at all, its probably the cards you are using.

  46. Mathematicians have proven the seven riffle shuffles is the best way to shuffle a deck of cards but I like your way too

    1. Yes I agree that mathematically 7 riffles creates random. Casino poker procedure does not care about true random. Instead, it cares about an acceptably randomly shuffled deck. Remember that while a deck is being shuffled, there are no hands being dealt. More hands is better for everyone. riffle, riffle, box, riffle cut is enough to prevent any live player from being able to predict what any cards in the hand are.

  47. did i want to learn how to shuffle cards? no
    did i watch the whole video? yes

    1. @truepokerdealer Man is really still replying EIGHT years later holy shit

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  48. what is the red thing he put under the card deck?

    1. some people call that a CUT CARD – as Harry says – it prevents anyone from seeing what the bottom card on the deck is…

    2. Its a divider, it prevents the bottom of the cards from being seen.

  49. Okay… am i hallucinating or did the upper cards move on their own twice on this video?? The part from 5:30 to 5:36 is just scaring the shit out of me

    1. Thats hilarious. Those cards were brand spankin new and they were slippery. Brand new plastic cards slide a tiny bit.

  50. What size cards should I use to practice on, bridge or poker? I read somewhere that a lot of casinos use bridge size cards for their poker games. Is this true?

    1. D. Thomas Most use bridge. They are narrower and should be easier to shuffle.

    1. +Kaijia Hou Yup, good catch. I have a purple/grey set like these.

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  52. I never went to a casino, but i assumed dealers there did something more fancy.

  53. I have a question
    Did a dealer poker have a right to ask time when players let to call or fold ( player let to act )?
    Thank you

  54. hey great video but I was wondering when you turn the deck away from you wouldnt the players be able to see the cards? I know you riffle the cards afterward but then what is the point of the washing the cards part
    anyway great video and thanks :)))))

    1. You turn the deck away from you before any of the shuffle so them seeing the cards at that point doesnt matter. The reason you turn the deck away from you is to make it harder for the dealer to cheat.

  55. Mybe guys you saw me commenting other films, but as an expirienced casino dealer Ill promote this video- this guy just gives a real knowledge about Krupierreism 🙂

  56. Thanks for the video, really helped me out with my shuffling.
    Not a dealer or anything, just helps to have someone who can deal at home games etc.

  57. Sometimes when you wash the cards, it seems like some of the cards are just sliding on top and not really mixing well with the rest. Shouldnt the wash be a little more spread out over more space on the table?

    1. Great question!

      The goal in this wash is to mix the cards up a reasonable amount before shuffling. We are not trying to perfectly randomize the deck with the wash alone. Remember that we are still going to riffle, riffle, box riffle cut, and we want the deck to be effectively random (where no player has the ability to predict the location of any card).

      That said, lets say that I was a blackjack dealer and I was washing a 6-deck show all together after opening brand new decks (they do this every day). In that case, I would be putting more effort in just like you are saying.

      Also, a common misconception when watching this video is that you must wash the deck like this between hands. This is NOT true. This wash is the procedure for a SUITED deck only. A mini wash is fine between hands.

  58. Why is it a called the box. To my knowledge a box is a cut by 1/3 of the deck.

  59. many of my friends think shuffling decks properly is just a waste of time… but a good shuffle makes poker much more fun and fair. Im glad i saw your video…

  60. If the players are watching what you are doing.. You are wasting
    As a former General Manager of a 37 table poler room, that was my mantra.
    You do a good job training. But, there are always Tricks of the Trade
    that can help all of us. You were taught to do it that way. Not your fault. Your
    trainer did not know the best information. You sort of dissed me by asking..
    I dont know if you play poker or not…
    Well… You have just met one of
    the most well respected trainers, dealers, tournament directors and GMs in the Biz.
    Retired, now. (And my fingers have slowed.. Dang-it!)

    I broke in in 74 in Nevada. Earned the shared title as one of the best three dealers in No. Nevada.
    Was in Mgmt within 2 years. Doyle Brunson was an owner of the club in CA when I was hired and became one
    of the most well known Tournament Directors in the country.. Was in Card Player every other issue.Owned a D-Training school in Colorado. Trained dealers in CA, WA and FL.

    Became the GM at a 37 tables room in Florida when they first got poker.Trained a staff of 50 dealers and 6 supervisors from scratch.Turned out some of the best. Some even went to.. WSOP A-Rotation…. When I
    visit the various casinos, still come up to me and say Thanks.

     Most of what you are showing is terrific. But, Two things I noticed right
    away… One, lesser thing. NO NEED to square the deck with your index finger. If you Square the deck properly after the previous riffle, the deck should split
    evenly and you can just riffle. No Need to Fore-Finger the two piles.

     Now.. About ?????????WASHING… UGHHHHHHHHH… What a waste of time. But, Mark, it goes back to the Previous Step!!!
    You know where you WASH the deck? As you are bringing in the discards
    and..and..and.. when you slide the deck out of your left had into the Muck!
    Then, as you pick up the discards to shuffle, your Right Hand grabs some from the top.. some from below and scoops the pile up to be squared… NEVER will anyone see the last hand. If they can, you are not handling the Muck properly
    (Or, improperly is you consider the mess it should be.

     When you take in discards, they should be.. Slid into.. not placed on..
    the discard pile. Every card gets… Schmooshed… into the Muck! The left had
    Slides the stub off… quite quickly, into the discard pile and then your right
    hand takes random cards from the Muck to be Schmooshed into the pile in order to pick it up to be squared.
    You are basically Washing the deck as you bring it in… NO NEED to do a
    10-15 second Wash. Total waste of time.
    Say, with my room, we had 20 tables going only 16 hours a day… You are

    WASTING 15 seconds a hand. OK. I look at the bottom line. What is THAT
    costing me???
    15 secs. .. at only 30 Hand/hour… That is 450 secs. or  7.5 minutes an
    hour…Wasted! Times 20 tables for 16 hours??? That is 2,400 minutes a DAY At 2 min/hand that is 1,200 Hands per day WASTED.. A year? 438,3000 HANDS!!!
     At an average $2 rake.. Your WASH is costing me…..  $876,300 a year. And,
    that is PURE PROFIT! Your washing is costing almost a Million a year
    out of my pocket!
    You are teaching some great techniques. But, remember a good teacher is a
    good student. Learn from others who can show you something new.
    I have not watched any of you other videos. Washing is definitely a Pet
    Peeve. (Oh, exception. New deck? Lots of the same card? Quads, etc? give the muck a short wash.. That is OK!)
    Keep up the good work!
    Here is a video of an A-Rotation dealer training session prior to my
    opening the 37 table room. At the end, see how my left hand slides the stub
    into the muck? Its automatic.
    All cards a Schmooshed as I pick up the stub. (And, no forefinger.)

    1. Hi Larry. I know its been 2 years since you wrote this, but Youtube flagged it as spam because you included a link and it never showed up in the comments as a result. It went to a distant and hidden section of the youtube backend that I just happened to notice today.

      Thats awesome that you have been around the block in poker so much. Its nice to meet you on this level, and I super appreciate your interest in this video and these comments you made.

      Yes I agree with the squaring the deck comment. I got that feedback as soon as the video came out, and I left it alone because i dont consider it a huge deal for poker rooms to train their staff when they see things like that.

      As for the wash. I am in no way suggesting washing for any significant length of time every hand. This is a video meant to teach people how to do all of the things that may be required of them as a dealer. My approach here is to teach it and allow the casino they work at to guide them after that. There isnt a poker room in the world that would allow a dealer to wash for 10-15 seconds every hand for the reason you mentioned. I agree that it could be clearer in the video that this isnt done every single time, but I do think its pretty clear.

      As for the mini wash I referred to, it takes roughly the same amount of time as the method you mentioned where you pick up the muck a certain way. The difference is that it includes a higher level of integrity. The mini wash makes it much harder to identify any cards accurately. Your method could result in a player seeing cards that were in the muck and knowing what someone folded. And i completely disagree that your method protects the winning hand that didnt go to showdown. Seat 5 can still see those cards the way you did it.

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