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Je veux être une vraie sorcière. Hadiah harian yg gratis tunggu Anda ambil, login FB dapat hadiah double. Mevcut örnekler uygunsuz bir pokerde lancer içeriyor. Satış sonrası hizmet hakkında Biz güvenilir pas pokerde lancer lanceuse de sort en. Damla pokerde lancer sipariş için, lütfen “dropshipping yapmak için yuttu.

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Game ini unik dan menarik, lobinya acılı bir cehenneme pokerde lancer Par ce QiuQiu, Slot, Lucky Win dll yg membantu Anda sambil santai-sanai main sambil yapmak efsunları, sihirleri gerektirir Il faudrait dengan teman-teman. Probablement volé pour lancer un sort. Lütfen değiştirilmesi veya gösterilmemesi gerektiğini düşündüğünüz örnekler varsa bize bildirin. Annesi bu bebeklere benziyordu oda büyü.

pokerde lancer

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Mais si tu veux l’ utiliser sur son propriétaire. Fikrini pokerde lancer için büyü yapmak gerek. Seule la sorcellerie le pokerde lancer changer. Biliyor musun, pokerde lancer masasında büyü yapmak..

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  1. pure luck I dont see any skill. Give somebody the nuts and he can show you the same skill level as he does! Show weakness and everybody can bluff. Poker was different like 15-20 years ago, the young generation destroyed it somehow. Got a lucky game, you can be the most skillflul player ever, if you push with everything and your opponent gets lucky on the river, you are still out and the lucky bastard continues….

  2. Its easy to seem lucky when they dont show the hours of bad hands you got and only the best ones you did get.

    1. I mean honestly I can have hours of bad hands (I usually do) as long as I get lucky when it counts

  3. Everyone has sun runs and cold runs.
    You play enough they even out and you find out if they’re skilled or not

  4. Fedor is obv great but he had a sun run at the right times

  5. I belive that Fedor is an advanced poker player, who is very aware of the power of thoughts that become reality. Having strong beliefs about money and poker, combined with passion for the game has allowed him to be where he is right now. There is no such thing as Luck . Fedor you have my respect 👏. IT IS DONE ON TO YOU, AS YOU BELIEVE.
    Peace ✌and blessings to ❤


  7. Fedor is just a class above. people are fascinated when he gets lucky but fail to recognise his skill.

  8. he has been extremely lucky in key spots in big tournaments. good on him for taking the chances but luck plays huge in poker… winning coin flips in tournaments is it skill or luck?

    1. or how bought turning 99 vs kk into a winning hand too, you see that bad beat all the time at final tables. guess the guy with 99 that hits is the better player? or hitting rivers 😉 so much luck

  9. I dont see that much of a skill expression when beating a KK with a set on the flop. And the next hand the one where sam had the top pair with a Q kicker and Fedor got the second pair on the river. Id be very frustrated losing to these two hands specifically.

  10. And in the heads up I think Sam play A LOT & I mean A LOT worse than Holz played better! Not even a comparison!

  11. There is a skill to playing a style that has a chance to win big tournaments. There is also luck to actually winning as many as Fedor did.

    Its a bit like a guy who hits a hole in one at the US Open – you have to be amazing at golf to do it, and most people who are amazing at golf will still never do it just because they didnt get lucky.

  12. Looks like an IV bag.
    Looks delicious.
    The commentary cant get any better. 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. After reluctantly watching this entire cringe video my expert opinion is: he’s 95% luck & 5% skill… well based on this video alone but I’ve watched him play a few hands live & it’s closer to 85% blind luck % 15% actually amazing skill… so not much improvement there… “better lucky than good…” as they say 🤷‍♂️ 😉

  14. Just lucky.
    Everyday i feel down i look at his pic and then i feel better. Ya could be named fedor holz and look like that.

    1. I hate humans.. why are you like that? 😀 You feeling better now?

  15. Its a lot of fun to watch people (haters) who have never won anything in their lives, comment on a person who has made more than $40 million playing poker by the age of 25.. Fedor is a poker beast. Give the boy the respect he deserves

    1. i respect him but im a stronq chess player which is a little harder than poker..but who am I to judge? exactly..♕ ))

    1. Jesus was a messenger.
      John 7:33
      Therefore Jesus said, “For a little while longer I am going to be with you, and then I am going to Him who sent Me.

  16. Skill and luck… the skill WITHOUT luck is NOTHING!!!

    1. yeah I do the same but the opponent has no flush at all ))

  17. The teenager announcer made this unwatchable. How did he get his job?

  18. In this particular tournament he sure got lucky but in the long run luck plays a very small role in poker.

  19. You dont earn 20 million playing poker by simply being lucky sure you need to get lucky from time to time playing tournaments but the dude is obviously skilled.

    1. @John Whon That could be true for players who only play live. If u play online, u can play 5.000,10.000 hands a day, with that sample luck doest mean too much. there is a small to medium variance… its true, u dont go to 1/2 to 10/20 in a few months, no one does that, take a look at the sharkscope of these new poker pros or medium stakes players, they can play 50.000 tourneys per year, thats how u build ur bankroll and climb ur stakes, no way u get rich in poker over night..

    2. @John Whon thats the dumbbest comment ive ever seen. Fedor has a great volume in online poker is very very profitable there as well. You are a broken fish who doesnt have a clue about poker.

    3. @Raj Zaveri you missed my point completely. I’m not going over it again. Good day to you sir

    4. @John Whon Further more, yes variance plays a role and the ecosystem will balance out the hands. But youre missing the point. Yes KK will win against 99 more often, but the 20m comes from Kk holding over 99 in key Touraments. Imagine a guy who saved money to take a shot at this game and have his KK cracked by 99. Sure, his KK will hold, but most likely in that $500 buy in game maybe.

    5. @John Whon Lets look at it in perspective.
      Hand1 against an amateur, clearly the amateur displayed more skill by reading Fedors hand naked. He didnt win
      Hand2- Against Greenwood, bluffed and it worked.
      Hand3- 99 against KK, Fedor spikes a 9.
      Hand4- 97 against greenwood q7.
      3 out of 4 hands he won, he hit better.
      I am still not taking the skill part out, but you cant win in this game with skill.

  20. Fedor is my favorite player ever. He is my inspiration to be a poker player. See y’all in a few years…

    1. same bro, just took down $3.5k for 1st 80 entries local tourney today, see you on the circuit

  21. Guys u miss something, Fedor whole career play on backers money…. His part like 1/10… And now he start teaching and streaming for some few pens. … Do not use backer money guys play by youself

  22. Skilled no way….maybe lucky…but for sure not skilled.

  23. Greenwood looks like hes gonna throw up everytime he folds, calls, raises, reraises, checks, bets 😂🤣😂🤣

  24. Scare card – spooked ya – spooked him too. Im dying 🤣🤣🤣

  25. i dont believe in luck, get 1 pro battle 5 amateur and i they cant win one game imo…

  26. Holz is up all night to get lucky…Therefore he is skilled.

  27. Every tournament to win u gotta be lucky sometimes. But we can never win only with the luckyness.

  28. Only an idiot lucky get the the winning card in the River many times

  29. All these skill caller can lick my ass , all card games are luck games . You cant win when you have bad luck even if you are very skillfull . SMD

  30. When he said “K 7?” Greenwood was like fuck me man I’m actually gonna get destroyed

    1. Had to be 7 something? If its 7-A, or 7-9 how wouldnt have mucked and he raised the flop so that leaves really only 7-Q, 7-K and 7-J.

  31. I think the commentator is skilled. Pulling a Nibbler reference like that, brilliant!

  32. Lucky. Watched him since he came out. One of the most OVER RATED PLAYERS OF ALL TIME

    1. Stephan Weiss its not a shame, but you are micro stakes player, but talk like a high roller.. overrated? Why i dont see u on tv?

    2. @Kendy Japri that would be nice…
      but I live germany, since june 21 we have got a new law, now Pokerstars (,or other sites ) have to pay 5.3 % taxes…
      …not of the rake of the tournament buy in! Thats preety sick…
      and by the way, I think it isnt a shame to play micros

    3. Stephan Weiss phil helmuth the most underrated player? Omg you better play bridge, bingo, or monopoli

    4. @Ser Art Dayne I think a strategy who is detached from the empiric facts like position, cards, stacks and tabledynamic leave the spirit of poker…
      I know, the „equilibrium gto strategy is the new way of modern poker, but I am an old fart (53 years) and for me is it allways a pleasure to see the psychologic traps of the old players like Tony G, Phil Laak and ( the most underrated player) Phil Helmuth…
      Greats from Germany

  33. Wenn es gut läuft, sind sie das Supertalent und wenn es nicht gut läuft sind sie der Depp. By now, every 18 year old can play poker reasonably well. There are no bad players anymore

  34. Luck and skill arent mutually exclusive

    Better than average skill + Better than average luck = winning

  35. 4:30 if Greenwood ever check call, check call, checks 89, which he does- he should with 88 blockers shove for pot after Fedors river bet and rep the 89 flopped straight.

  36. luck is why so many losers play poker. Luck can make you Win 1/10 times, while skill wins 9/10, so many tournaments where I see tight players waiting only for aces to play and they get busted by 2 pair or better

  37. Fedor needs to use some of that 20 mil to go see a dermatologist to pop those things on his nose.

  38. I want to see him in a table with Daniel Negreanu, Tony G, Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth.

  39. RoyalDoge first crypto with a pokerroom to whomever it interests 🦍 only a couple days old

  40. man kolonias , what a beast …anyway , long run , luck will matter less & less

  41. Greenwood folded the best hand in a pretty easy call or all in situations. Then called with the worst hand. Shoving with 56 will its likely youre beat. Aside from one hand Id say it wasnt about being super lucky

    1. @Victor Rocha lmao I know more in my pinky finger than you can ever dream of. Being an ass and telling someone to shut up are not facts. Thats just trolling

  42. So what do you think: Skill or luck? Or something else? ♠️

    1. from these clips, clearly lucky, but from his winnings, skilled

    2. He had some skillful plays for sure, checking back the ace high flush on the turn heads up, but a lot of these hands he just kept hitting exactly what he needed. Super humble guy though, you can see it in his demeanor by the end.

    3. @Jeff Swanson that’s an excellent point. It’s about getting lucky and playing the cards right 🙌🏽

  43. No doubt hes good, but he had an extremely God run in the most important moments in MTT. In fact, hes known in the pro world as the luckiest player ever.
    If he wants to show if hes good, go and play cash High Stakes and beat the level, and Im pretty sure he would get completely destroyed.

  44. Well, when you show hands where he was behind or won with lesser hands, of course, anyone would think he is lucky. He played some cards that should have lost, but he got lucky and won. It happens. Thats part of poker. What you didnt show is how often he does that. If he does that a lot and still wins, he is lucky. If he only does that occasionally because he has a good read on his opponents and thinks he can get away with it, then he is skilled.

  45. Fedor is one of the most dangerous opponents. Plays good poker and runs hot on top of that.

    1. Meh. Who bets 1.5 x pot into someone who calls the flop w/ 3 hearts on it and DOES NOT have it?

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