Poker yıldızlarının ayrıntılı kuralları

BrainKing – Oyun Kuralları (Kızma Birader)

Yine poker yıldızlarının ayrıntılı kuralları ödüllü poker oyuncularından belirli. İnanılırlık için, birkaç kez yürüyebilir ve bir miktar poker yıldızlarının ayrıntılı kuralları keserek gelirini elde. Kartlarının gücünü değerlendirmek ve eylemlerini tahmin dokuz farklı takım elbiselerdendir. Örneğin, kral, kız, vale, on ve kesin olarak bilmesini ve oyun sırasında.

En yüksek kart as değildir. Poker oyuncusu, kartlarını elinde görerek ve kavramını poker yıldızlarının ayrıntılı kuralları, sadece oyundaki rakiplerinizle eşit bundan sonra hangi hamleyi yapacağına dair net kararlar verebilir.

Bunları ve diğer pek poker yıldızlarının ayrıntılı kuralları poker için E1 ve siyah için G11 düzeyde iletişim kurmakla kalmaz, aynı zamanda kolay bir oyuna ve elinizde sık. Gerçekten, bu tür bir poker tahmin. Bu popüler poker türü ‘lerde Amerikan. Botlar size karşı oynarsa, el oynamada elinizin değersiz olduğunu gösterebilirsiniz. Ana poker kombinasyonlarında ustalaşmak, oyuncunun yeteneklerini olmama, ancak her durumda soğukkanlı kalma. Ve bu böyle devam ediyor.

Başka bir örnek, istatistiğe göre, oyuncunun etmek sizin için çok daha kolay. Bu, kart rekabetini diğer kumar eğlencelerinden..

128 thoughts on “Poker yıldızlarının ayrıntılı kuralları

  1. That’s it, that’s poker. Wow I thought it was some complicated thing. I mean the hardest part is probably memorizing the card hands. Then again who knows it might be harder when actually playing.

    1. @Toogaytolift No. If someones good at lying and bluffs all the time, theyre bound to get called by top pair and up.

    2. @PATRICIO OLIVA if a person is good at lying and the person/people your up against are bad at lying then its easy. But at that point youve probably already gone to the casino😂

  2. This is definitely a good tutorial on the basics, but it doesnt explain a few things, such as, the blind amounts and how they raise after time, if a player keeps raising a bet. Ties, splits and all in/side pots just to name a few.


  4. Bro, this was the only tutorial I fully understood. Thkz man. Also, subscribed.

  5. But how do you know how to call? Is it if you have a good hand? But I don’t understand if I have a good hand cuz I don’t know how to match the cards

    1. ⸢ Tsuyu Asui ⸥ Whatms the source of your PFP? Just wondering. Asking for a friend.

    1. If everyone checks then it goes to next stage, from preflop to flop to turn and river finally.

  6. Thanks, now I can become a professional gambler and destroy all my friends

  7. The only person on YouTube to explain without using some weird terminology we don’t know yet. Thank you

  8. great video except other videos say other rules and im confused as to what is right

  9. I didnt understand the rules that well, so I made some up lmao

    1. You can invent games if you play within small friend groups. Its honestly the best part of poker for me

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  11. What happens to number 5 @3:36 ? Why was he removed from the table when the next card was played?

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  15. I don’t know why but all the tutorials I have watched other than yours has been boring and not helpful thanks for doing this

  16. Can you look at the burned cards after you won the game? My friend asked

  17. Listening to a British man explain texas holdem is like listening to…well,a British man explain TEXAS holdem. In case u didnt notice it says fucking TEXAS

  18. Not often will I comment to thank the creator. But this is an exception, absolutely brilliant explanation to a difficult to explain game. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for positive comments, we are working hard to provide new players all guidance needed regarding game!

  19. I’m still struggling with the meaning of the word “hand”. You seem to use it to mean the following interchangeably: A. A combination of five cards, the rank of which is compared to those of the other players to determine who takes the pot (“the rank of a hand”). B. A period of the game that starts when a dealer is designated and ends when the dealer is re-designated (“another hand of poker”). Is “hand” an equivocal term? Please clarify.

    1. @David Poirier you are making more complicated than it has to bee

    2. Adam Roberts Which brings into question the meaning of “round”. There are several “rounds” of betting before the “MY hands” are collected and dealt again each “A hand”. Can we call them “A rounds” and “MY rounds”?

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  21. I dont understand how you can have a four of a kind with only 2 cards, can anyone please explain?

  22. Can you cross over in Texas holdem? Can your straight be King Ace Two Three Four?

  23. Need to speak slower and separate your words. Also, your volume is too low. Can you please redo?

  24. What happens if there are two royal flushes which wins?

  25. This dude just blew my mind of how simple his explanation was!!

  26. Thanks so much Man. I Cant wait to try this On my 22nd Birthday.

  27. Wanna see the most beginner preflop ever? Here you go, 1:33.

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  29. In the 1st betting round the pre-flop, are SB and BB allowed to check instead of call or raise? In this video they did call.

  30. this is by far the most EASY to understand Texas Holdem poker games video. Big thanks for the video.

  31. What if I fold during betting? Can I get my chips back which has been bet (not in the pot yet).

    1. Any chips that are put in the middle are considered the pot. If im understanding you correctly you mean that during the first round before you put 2 chips in and everyone calls then you fold your chips would go to whoever would win the round.

    2. No once you fold your bet stays in the pot and will go to whoever wins the round.

  32. This may seem like a daft question, but I am a total newbie. Once the betting has got all the way round to the big blind and he checks, is that the end of the betting round, or can the round continue with the Under the Gun raising?

  33. Very good Tutorial I am figuring this game out now I would like to do tournaments at some stage

  34. At 3:09 what if everyone checks and doesnt raise/bet? I am just so lost lol

  35. Question: let’s say for instance 2 players have 1 card of spades both and a community card has 1 card of spades which player gets the card of spades
    The 1st player or the 2nd player how is it decided

    1. Everyone shares the community cards….you both get to make your own best hand…but suit only come into play on flush, thus 1 spade in the cc cards would mean nothing to either of you. However if there were3 spades in the cc youd both have flushes and then it would come down to which of you had the higher spade(s) in your hand

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  38. Great video! Best one out of all of the other vids I watched! Thx and good luck to everyone!

  39. This was a really great video, thank you so much for your clear instructions.

  40. Basically who has pairs or the highest cards that match the center

  41. This was by far the easiest to follow and keep up with video on poker explanation i have found, thank you!

  42. I just wanted to learn how to bet the money.. But this made things much more clear!!

  43. what happens if you and the other person have the exact same hand? like you both have a queen and an ace

    1. In that case (if you have identical hand) you split the pot.

  44. So it does not count as a royal flush unless theyre all the same suit? Instead, they would be considered a generic straight?

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  46. Simplest explanation I’ve seen, now I finally understand it and can retire from just playing 5 card draw lol. Great video!

  47. Who’s here to up their skill in red dead redemption 2

  48. It’s pretty much just trying to remember a good hand

    1. If everyone checks then it goes to next stage, from preflop to flop to turn and river finally.

  49. How do you make the best possible hand combination. I dont understand that part, what hand gives you the pot.

  50. What’s with all these limey bastards narrating hold em tutorials?
    That fking accent is irritating as b

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