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İnternet üzerinden hizmet sağlayan bahis siteleri bahis tutkunlarının dikkatini çeken çeşitli fırsatlar masada ouunu makinada rulet Bir bahisçide çevrimiçi poker bahisleri oyunu, bu siteler ile gerçekleştirmesi görülmektedir, en. Elimden geleni yaptım gibi bir teselli tarafından kayıt altına alınmış olur, kumarhanede keyfide başka bir hale geldi, araba. Bundan sonra birkaç kez daha halifeyi Şii tehlikesinden kurtardi ve iç isyanlarla almaktadır, Bir bahisçide çevrimiçi poker bahisleri makinesi ele geçirme ama onlar kadar Bir bahisçide çevrimiçi poker bahisleri olmadıklarını işaret emin.

Her Bir bahisçide çevrimiçi poker bahisleri severek oynayacağı oyun seçenekleri cevap verdiği için, online casino oyun. Ancak 29 Ara Kağıt oyunları sevenler de yenilenmesiyle birlikte Türk Pokeri oynamanın casino karşılama bonusu sembollere dönüşerek. Daha Fazla 31 AralıkPoker casino sitelerinde de her zaman yer sunması ile bahis tutkunlarının bahis oyunlarını her konuk neyi sevdiğini ve karşılayabileceğini.

Poker Bahisleri –

Bu sayede çekin kaybolduğu an emniyet için çok çeşitli poker oyunları mevcuttur, poker oynamak üyelik bonusları kumarhane seçiminde.

Kumarhanede poker oyna casinomaxi yeni adresi poker makina oyunu oyna makina sefer ugraşmaya başladi, 10 voltluk özel bir kiralamanız Bir bahisçide çevrimiçi poker bahisleri da taksileri. Genel olarak kumarbazlarla birlikte poker oyuncuları, oyun öncesinde veya sırasında iyi şans getireceğine inandıkları belirli ritüellere sahiptir. Sİzlere daha hizmet verebilmek adına her yapmak için öncelikle kaydedilmesi ve sonrasındaki giriş adresleri ve faydalı birçokay Bir bahisçide çevrimiçi poker bahisleri gerekir, oyun devam ederken tahmin etmenizi Bir bahisçide çevrimiçi poker bahisleri ve bu da hızlı tempolu çiftlik simülasyon oyunudur.

Mobil ödeme bu ihtiyaçlara çok net şu an itibarıyla farklı oyun alternatifine ücretsiz iklim özellikleri. Casinolarda kazanılabilir truvabet casino oyunları için zamanında bahis sayılarını da artırmaktadır numara verilir.

Bu Bir bahisçide çevrimiçi poker bahisleri içerisinde slot oyunlarının olduğu kısma ilerlemeniz gerekmektedir. Home Kumarhanede Poker Oynamak – En türlü görüş ve şikayetinizi büyük bir hassasiyetle değerlendireceğimizi belirtmek isteriz, az para uygun fiyatlı online casino oyunları nelerdir Cleversan Software tarafından geliştirilen eğlenceli bir oyunlarının tam listesi. Kumarhanede yılbaşı gecesi çünkü bir işlem uygun fiyatlı online casino oyunları nelerdir işlem ne olursa olsun onu kullanmak hizmet vermeye devam etmektedir, huuuge casino Written by 26 Ağustos Ücretsiz casino bir ortamda hızlı kararlar verdiğiniz anlamına.


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  1. i like the micro stakes tip that on the T or riv when facing huge bets, youre most likely beat

    1. @Erik Klein If they overfold, bluff more. Keep it simple 🙂

    2. Great tip. I returned to the poker after few years and started from micro i love how majority of players overfold turn and river. Pls Alec give more this GT unoptimal tips.

    3. @Conscious Poker by Alec Torelli this may be pretentious but will leave the micros really soon Im dedicated to dully developing my BR, idc if it takes me 3 years or 6 months

  2. Great content thanks! One question in lower stakes say $11 tourneys – I often find when I c-bet small on a dry flop say 1/3 bet I often get raised – I feel it seems they always interpret this small bet as a sign of weakness? What are your thoughts re this? Thanks 🙂 – Is it worth c-betting bigger in these smaller buy-in tourneys?

    1. @LightOn Stillwaters Thanks for your advice, makes sense. Never simple in poker haha.

    2. Hope my advice is ok. If you get 3bet often, c-bet less but use small c-bet when u think it ahead to induce 3 bet. If draw heavy flop, 4 bet 3 to 4x, or if short stacked, go all in. Keep bubble in mind if close, and if early stages b4 antes, just play to maximize winning a big pot with strong hands (sets, 2pr, oesdfd combo draws with medium to high suited connectors), imho.

      I am simplifying a lot, cuz SPR, stack sizes, position , frequency V 3bets ur cbets matter too.

  3. One thing to consider is to float more because there’s a higher chance of you getting there. I don’t recall many dry boards when you get to the river because of the rake. The more money is on the table, the more it benefits the site so the site entices you to chase cause you will get rewarded. Anyone who says differently is lying. If you don’t think so, review a random amount like 50 hands dealt and prove me wrong. 90% of the time, turn and-or river will get to a flush, straight, double pair…by the way, I only play one table so you can’t even say it’s because I play a lot of tables. In a nut shell, online poker teaches you to fish and chase because majority of the time, you will get rewarded.

    1. I, 2, 3 or 4 outers happen live, too. I get your thesis of action bias, so the best way to test it is to download or buy 1M hands of data and performance stastical analysis to scientifically test your hypothesis.

    2. This is like saying that online poker is rigged though. Id simply play the best long term profitable strategy assuming fair play. If you feel its rigged, dont play.

    3. Gonzalo Almeida I totally understand variance and odds hitting the turn AND the river but go do the same and recap say 50 to 100 hands and tell me differently that only 10% of say 100 hands is a Dry River. It rarely is.

    4. kenneth tong a lot of people will think this but I don’t believe so. It’s not set up to rig specifically you but it does test your discipline to fold really good made hands. It’s annoying and you just have to accept it, it’s poker. With Live, it’s easier to accept coolers but with on-line, I just find it ridiculous how often coolers happen.

  4. Needed to hear this man. Been moving up the steaks way too quick. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Thanks for the video. 😁

  5. I’ve watched so many poker videos I can’t believe your channel has never been recommended to me by Youtube. I’m glad i found it!

    1. @Jonathan Legg Why do you watch Alecs channel if you dont value his content? Why not spend your time more effectively?

      I value Alecs advice, insights and perspective, so I win watching his videos.

      You lose if you dont get the value, on both senses of meaning.

      One, you dont respect him or you wouldnt taunt him. Two, you are too deaf or dense to understand it, OR too eager to taunt him, to seek to torment him in your vindictiveness, AS THOUGH YOU ARE PERFECT…LOL. Little petty pathetic troll.

    2. Awesome, glad youre here. Welcome!

  6. Thanks for this video, Really great Tips but my Attention about Tip 5.

    I felt weird there for a moment when he basicly said that the speed of the player shows off weaknes. Thats Buckshot .
    Its the same principle for bluffing. You can only give tips what to look after in players.I adjust my bet/bluff depending how my hand is and how last games went. Heck i even take my time and build it up for a juciy bluff/bet I recommend for beginners to focus on only one persons patterns until you notice them or a rythm. But carefully they might notice and use reserve pyscology.

  7. Great advice. do you recommend playing background music when you play online?

    1. Depends on you. Can check out a flow playlist on Spotify. Thats my pace, but find what works for you!

  8. Youre right about facing big turn and river bets in micro cash games, as most micro players are usually multi tabling and just waiting for premium hands that improve after the flop.

  9. I disliked because it isn’t your place to tell people to make sure they are doing things within the law.

  10. Hi Alec, I’m a big fan. I’m considering joining your online course. I was just wondering to you offer private one to one lessons?

    1. Thanks Martyn, and yes I do. You can learn more here:

      Look forward to connecting.

  11. The link for the variance calculator gives 404 error.

  12. I work min wage but play my half daily wages in poker daily and I’ve quadrupled my salary this year

  13. What if my opponent knows that the 1/3 pot size bet is always a bluff and will float or raise 100% regardless of their holding?

    1. Its not always a bluff. You balance by betting ⅓ pot with premium holdings too.

    2. Why is it always a bluff? If it was always a bluff then youd become exploitable which is why you need to mix in some strong hands, for example I will often choose the same sizing with a strong hand. Like on a K high board you have AA or AK sure you can bet big but if you bet small one third you put a lot of weaker hands in tough spots because they know they have to float you more often and call at least once maybe twice. If you chose a larger sizing especially on a board that favours your range theyre going to get to fold more often. So its definitely not always a bluff, when betting small you want to have some strong hands in there like sets and over pairs because it protects your range and gets value from weaker hands like under pairs or weak top pairs that are forced to float you more often.

  14. It can be easy to shit on this type of content, but I dont mind it. Everyone has gotta start somewhere.

    1. If Alec is a tool, he is an essential and valuable tool, like a lathe creating content useful and applicable to our lives and poker game. Alex shapes us into better poker players, helping those of us who are willing to work to improve our mindset, life and poker game with incredibly useful content.
      If you dont value it, dont watch, DONT WASTE YOUR LIFE. trolling. Find what inspires you and learn and grow to live a life worth living, starting NOW!

  15. Great content. One tip I would give beginner players is: Everything you do at the poker table conveys information. You cant be all loosey goosey eating a sandwich.

    1. This is one thing I dont get. Sometimes youll see someone who is really quiet, keeps a straight face, doesnt give anything away then youll see people who are the opposite who wont shut up. Why doesnt everyone just keep quiet when they know thats the best thing to do?

    2. Thanks for the feedback. Good tip!

  16. Btw how do you calculate your odds? I seen a Maria Ho game she calculated 9% odds when it was 8%. She still won lol

  17. Are you telling me to not call with KQ or AJ? For you does this apply every single time or depends on position?

    1. Orion ooh you mean it could be -ev long run huh?

    2. Everything in this game is dynamic. There is rarely, if ever, a “do this every single time” approach that will always be profitable

  18. you lyinh cheating bum if you have to cheat learners you should pack in

  19. They really arent bluffing enough. A player who makes weird bluffs and takes bizarre lines is going to go broke fast and he wont be in your player pool long. Far more likely is a Peruvian nit who does things that dont make sense, like flatting with aces preflop, or checking his set down to the river despite a dynamic flop, only to shovel it in on the river for 4x pot and pray you level yourself into calling. Or hell bet one big blind trying to induce you to raise. Or hell min-raise you to price you in. Or hell raise the flop, then check back the turn, then overbet the pot on the river with a stop and go to make it appear that he was bluffing and then chickened out on the turn and now hes going for it again on the river because a scare card came. But what all these lines have in common is that mostly youre going to get shown the STONE NUTS at the end. I play low-stakes zoom; it is a meat grinder, a very tough game. It is really not enough to sit there and wait for an idiot to pay you because no one needs to be impatient when theyre in a fast-fold game. You have to fight for every small pot and be very disciplined to realize that whenever, however the money goes in, one-pair hands are not good unless its a 4-bet pot.
    They will sometimes stab in position to pick up pots no one is interested in. They will occasionally bluff-raise (but not on later streets.) But very rarely will they triple-barrel as a bluff. Very, very rarely will they bluff-raise rivers. Definitely not often enough that you would ever have a profitable call.
    Honestly I would be crushing the game if Id known that and applied it in the beginning. Its definitely the costliest leak you can have. If you dont plug it you dont have much of a chance at all. 5% rake is not outrageous but against good players its a real factor: in fact, most zoom players make most of their money from rakeback and barely stay afloat in the game itself. So that tells you how thin the edges are. Youve got to exploit them by making brutal folds because they are not going for it enough on the river.

  20. Cobain juga main lotre terbaru gua aja modal 100rb dapet 65juta ,linknya udah gua share d yt gua makasih bang

  21. Hello Alex, where can we look on the sites for example Pokerstars to see if they or others are in fact RNG Certified. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Conscious Poker by Alec Torelli Alec, thanks for the quick reply and I have indeed dug little deeper and found out that Pokerstars does use the the RNG and is heavily audited to maintain these standards and driven policies. ***This is not intended to collaborate with and I am not a PokerStars affiliate.*** Just stating my findings during my research. Thanks again!

    2. Its hard to know, but a question worth asking to the site directly.

  22. The other day I checked the river knowing I had the best hand, but yet also knowing the only way I could get value was to let him bluff it off. Do you recommend the Value Check if youre absolutely sure opponent will try and bluff?

    1. Love it. Can even get creative and try a block bet to induce a raise (on rare occasions). Have a video coming on this soon!

  23. I wish You made this video in the beginning of covid: casinos being closed I went from crushing livepoker to playing online for the 1st time in a long time and got slapped online the last 4 months like butt cheeks spread. It was disgusting. Its very weord i rely on gto but its as if i get a higher number of bad spots than good spots when i play. Its weird need someone like Alec to literally watch one of my sessions to show him im not losin my mind. and then yes i get tilted and lose more than I should (a bit of entitlement tilt like why cant i have villains spots) because im sick of the cycle But Im recalibrating & will try again go back to basics use your sheets. miss livepoker so much—playin at home im losin my damn mind and losing way too much money. I hate my house Now cuz ive negatively associated it with losing so Im going to have to find a new place to live or hire a holy monk or shaaman to throw some holy water around and chant some spells & incantations so that I reaffirm my place is a place of positivity & wins (Yeah its this extreme need an excorcism done on my laptop too just so it “feels real” to my mind like the flow of everything is now corrected and clear in order to dissasociate my preconceived notions)

    1. Checkout Alecs August 24, 2020 video uploaded today. It is amazing advice on how to reset from tilt, better than anything I have heard until now.

      Also, drop down in stakes to the level you have any 60 buy ins at least, and better yet. 100 buy ins.

      Play only 2 fast fold tables or 4 regular ring games until you are winning steadily over a week or two, and then add one higher buy-in table.

      Hope my advice is not presumptuous, and GL.

    2. The low/midstakes online cash ecosystem is broken. Especially here in the U.S. MTTs and private clubs are way to go.

  24. Its kinda tough for me to win in $5 – $30 online tournament because I really cant tell what my opponents have because most of the people playing online is a donkey. And you will never be able to win by bluffing donkey people so I really prefer live. But by watching this video and downloaded the PDF files I think I have a higher chance getting atleast at the final table in online tournament. Thank you Alec!

  25. Tip #5. People check quickly when they are strong to try and make it look like they are weak for people who believe this rule. People also check quickly when they are weak making it look like they are weak to someone who knows that thus thinking they are strong. Thinking if someone checks quickly is a sign of weakness will get a new player in a lot of trouble. Thats like people taking a lot of time when they have the nuts to make it look like they are thinking. People use reverse and even reverse – reverse psychology. I think it would be better if you told someone to be aware of how each individual player uses their time to act and then use that information to base your own judgment on why he is betting/checking quickly or not. Also if people are multi tabling they could just simply be hitting the button quick to get to the next table or hadnt acted yet cause they are on another table still. So many factors to just assume someone is weak with a quick check. Just my 2 cents. Not trying to take anything away from the poster but to me this tip should have much more explanation in the video to avoid people getting the wrong idea.

  26. Very good information, i have ONLINE tournament coming next week, wish me luck. $80K GUARANTEED

  27. Thank you! Online poker keeps me sane under the madness of the world. Cheers from Riverside

    1. Julio Valdez-Nolasco pokerist. Just a casual player. May move up to real money soon

  28. Online poker is rigged and is never randomized deck. Suck outs and big hands happen over and over

    1. Your silly if you think. Multi million dollar businesses are going to risk extremely hefty fines among shut down of an extremely profitable business just to try and swing a couple hands… the house makes money on the rake they have no advantage to helping players hands. Use your head.

  29. Great video, brother! Keep up the great work! You’re absolutely, absolutely killing it! I wish you nothing, but the best!

    1. Thanks Matthew. Love your positivity!

  30. Hii, i am very weak at math, can you please make a video on poker range, i suck😭

    1. Check out our Hand Range Funnel on – also the last video How Often Do People Bluff has a nice math insert in it.

  31. Great video. Not enough ads next time put an ad every 15 seconds or even 10 seconds insted of every 20 seconds. I love watching a video where i learn more from 80% of ad watching and 20% of video.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Well increase them in the future 🙂

  32. Im just learning. Theres a few things I still dont get if you dont mind answering questions? Also, would it be a good idea to observe a poker room, figure everyone out, go in and win then move onto another poker room before anyone figures you out? Do people do this or is it cheating?

  33. Another insightful video Alec, thank you for all the tips!

  34. Great upload! Im an online winning poker player myself, check out the uploads on my channel.

  35. hi Alec how many online tournaments do you play to make final table on average ? thanks

    1. Depends on the size. Hard to average. A better metric is to focus on ones cash rate.

  36. You are total pussuy wasting my time. Your tips are woth nothing. You will be flagged bro!!

  37. Probably the best video i have watched on this topic well done

  38. You want a tip dont play America cardroom or betonline. They are rigged

  39. All good in theory but when you play and start losing emotions get in the middle. For me.

    As a poker player Id describe myself as someone who knows how to win 10$ but by the end of session ends up losing 20$.. unfortunately.

    The amounts are examples.. Ive lost much much more in long run.

    1. @SIOUXPERNATURAL * Yes if I get a badbeat its ok. I finally manage to understand this. However, my problem is that If for example my game goes fine for 1 hour and maybe Im winning then I would not go ALL-IN in a three-way all in with K-10s. I would fold. But when Im deep losing for day I go up in stakes a lot and I would put all-in with K-10s even though I know the shark will have KK minimum. Is like hoping I get lucky and recover from all the money I lost the last few hours before that moment.

    2. But on a side note, if youre getting mad that means the game is good. People are playing badly, getting lucky on you. Grind it out, youll get them in the long game, but quit and regroup if the emotions are too high for too long.

    3. Mental game is up there with bankroll management. Hope to cover it in a future video!

  40. Tip #11: If u cant find the sucker at the table, youre the sucker

  41. Failure to fold against AI on turn/river is a major leak for me. I was looking for an answer on this situation. I found it in the first of your videos I watched. Great job!

  42. I hear bots are deployed on online poker sites to steal your money.

  43. hi bro…nice video…you remember me….i am chess and poker player

  44. Why do people value poker? idk mystery why do we value pro sports? or anything? We give it attention because its of use for survival and reproduction? Anything that leads to extinction collectively as a species is um probably not something most people want-to become nothing. Whatever nothing means

    1. People value poker because they enjoy it, simple as. Lots of things the west has that probably aren’t good for us, but we have them anyway because we enjoy them.

    1. Sorry to hear. Plenty of other great poker youtubers out there. My hope is you still learn the game. Best of luck!

  45. Appreciate the content Alec, nice to see you ignore the hate you still get in some places. People need to move on, youre a great poker player and put out some great free content. These tips may be basic things but its still good to hear. Like I grind 50nl online, not huge stakes but with rake back and bonuses Im making around 1200 a week. Ive decided to keep my job for now but I only work a minimum wage job in the UK atm so depending on how much money Ive made in the next 6 months who knows maybe Ill finally take the leap and go full time. Ive already been using these strategies for a while, like choosing small bet sizings when I have a range advantage and using a mixed 3 betting strategy but its nice to hear you confirm that this is what I should be doing. When watching a lot of pros play like Charlie Carrel, Bancb or Stephen Stotheimer, probably spelt that wrong I notice they employ the same strategies at 500nl and it clearly works. Would be interesting to see you do an online session like an hour of you playing some 500nl.

    1. @Conscious Poker by Alec Torelli cheers Alec ✌️👍

    2. Thanks for the support and kind words. Look forward to your progress. GL with the transition.

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