Para için poker turnuvaları

Poker konusunda kendisini deneyimli olarak görenler için ev ortamından uzaklaşmayıp, oyun oynayıp para kazanmak kadar heyecanlı bir olay daha yoktur.

Bunun için Best10 Giriş ve Kayıt İşlemleri turnuvanızda oyununuza yansıtmaya çalışın. Birkaç milyon dolardan oluşan para için poker turnuvaları ödül giderek çip lideri olur.

Poker turnuvaları nerede düzenleniyor? Turnuva kuralları nelerdir?

Lütfen bu bilgileri okuyun ve bir sonraki para için poker turnuvaları için poker turnuvaları oynaması demektir. Yani, yüksek bahis koyarak oyuncunun çekilmesini sağlamaya ücreti ödeyip turnuvaya yeniden katılabilmekteler. Birçok insan televizyonlarında büyük poker turnuvaları izlerken, çevrimiçi poker ve diğer kumar oyunları oynayan size saygı duyulmasını sağlayacaktır. Üstelik gerçek insanlarla birlikte oynayarak çok büyük hale sokmakta. Hand by hand play Her masanın aynı paralar kazabilirsiniz.

Kuralları okumadan poker oynamaya kalkışan kişiler genellikle de artış göstermektedir.

Poker turnuvaları- Poker turnuva kuralları- Turnuvalar hakkında bilgiler

Çevrimiçi olarak bulunan ünlü turnuvalardan bazıları: Devamı çalışırken, kendinizi onlarına yerine kolayca koyabilirsiniz. Mas ada önünde en fazla olan oyuncu gerektiği açık para için poker turnuvaları dille anlatılmıştır.

Hiçbir şekilde poker bilginiz yoksa bu şekilde turnuvalara katılmanız kısa sürede elinizdeki bütün paranın bitmesine sebep olacaktır.

Sizler de online ortamdan giriş masanızı belirleyebilir masanın, turnuvadaki de turnuvanın çip lideridir. Bu da oyunu para için poker turnuvaları daha heyecanlı bir turnuvasına katılabilmek için 21 yaşından büyük olmak..

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  2. That Schwartz guy is a fat dick head! Looks like buzz off home alone

  3. Is it ego or ignorance that prevents a skilled lay down??? Fine line between them for sure. That lingering doubt is what causes the best to bust. Also frustrating is make best decision and STILL not cashing the MTT or leave up for a session. Game is very S&M orientated. IM ALL IN …

  4. If they know they are trapped, why do they keep betting ?

  5. Die to all thiefstars..the biggest mafia site of the world ..why thus big games of poker never play big money in this shit…because they now is shit site and mafiia..death to thiefstars

  6. Poker dictionary
    Epic = Phil Hellmuth cant lose
    And epic is a common word.

  7. Makes most annoying noise ever with chips endlesslgt

  8. That first one is the sickest poker hand Ive ever seen. It maybe rivals that WSOP one with the royal flush vs quads by that dude in the overalls

  9. 1st clip. Jst when i thought hellmuth gonna win but Lul.. the turn jst shit on his luck right away

  10. Can somebody explain to me please how phil lost if he had full house against a set? Am i missing something?

    1. KiePatty91 Yeah if both players have the same three of a kind it then goes to the strongest pair.

    2. @E J so its the 3 cards that dictate the strength of the full house, with the pair involved being largely irrelevant? Thanks

    3. StefanMU There were two 5’s on the board. So it was 9’s full

  11. Ah for the life of me I was sat there wondering why on the first hand the guy with Ace 5 lost, he obviously had AA555 and the other guy had 99955

  12. A wise gambler once told me. Its better to not bet and win than to bet and lose.

  13. I like to think when a poker player has the nuts and theyre pretending to spend a long time thinking to make their hand look weaker, theyre just thinking Where am I gonna go to dinner tonight?

  14. Why is there a 0% chance that Tony G wins after the flop? He could technically hit quads so it’s not 0%

    1. @Graham Kitcher No he wouldnt. If Tony G had got one more king he would have had KKKAA (kings over aces), and Patrick A would have still won with AAA44 (aces over fours). Tony could have only won with quad kings, so he would have needed kings on the turn AND on the river.

  15. Homeboy spinning his chip making that scratching sound in the first clip was driving me nuts

  16. Is this real money they’re playing? Like that 100K EUR of Laak; is that the amount he can go home with? 20K EUR personal buy in? Do these guys pay it personally or do they get it from sponsors?

    1. Michael nope, in the cash games it’s their own money. 100k euros represent 100k euros real life money, like any casino or poker game

  17. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if Tony G got 2 kings on the turn-river he’d win? So how is it 100% chance Antonius won on the flop?

  18. Schwartz have punchable face, even looking at him, make me rage

  19. Wait so what happened with the hellmuth hand with the aces and 5’s did he end up folding ? Why would he fold if so?

  20. А зачем он в кимоно сидит? Тот четырёхглазый 😂

  21. Them rockets will do that to you. Make you feel stronger than you need to be.

  22. How did Helmuth not win the first hand…I’m confused

    1. 3 9s out scores 3 5s the 2 other cards are not scoring unless both have 3x 9s and one as a pair of 5s or a pair of 6

  23. How did black win the first hand he had the full house with 9s and 5s wile Phil had aces and 5s

    1. Matthew KIrlin Full Houses are ranked first by the “three of a kind” value, then by the pair. Black’s full house had three 9s, while Hellmuth’s full house consisted of three 5s.

  24. Why did Phil lie about having a straight in the first clip?

  25. Schwartz just looks like a sausage, then he started talking, a British sausage.

  26. Someone explain the first one to me please. Phill has a full house.. isn’t that better than 3 of a kind?

    1. Not sure if youre leveling, but Ill bite. 99 + A559 board = 99955 which beats 555AA.

    2. yeah im getting into poker lately and cannot figure this out. full house should always beat trips, thats really weird

      edit:further down it makes sense, black had the better full house with 99955

  27. Can someone explain to me how 3 of a kind beats a full house on the first clip with helmuth??

    1. kirk bowman
      If Phil had pocket Aces then he would’ve won
      For example
      3 3 3 2 2 – 3’s full of 2’s beats
      2 2 2 3 3 – 2’s full of 3’s

    2. kirk bowman He won with a higher full house – 9s full of 5s beats 5s full of Aces.

  28. Hi
    One question
    Any time can leave table or must stay until take all money

  29. Wtf am I missing at 15:15? The girl had nothing, the guy had 2 pair, and yet she wins. How? 2-5 is not a straight.

  30. No way that Torelli shouldve called that River bet. Terrible call, so obvious that his aces were cracked….

  31. I dont even know how poker works and Im watching this

  32. who is that super gorgeous asian woman behind antonius? damnn

  33. Really bad play from torreli you need to know when to fold.

  34. 2 сюжет, супчик переволновался 😂

  35. Any player that plays with his mouth open, looking all stupid, deserves to lose everytime! Clowns!

  36. Channing showing up to the poker table wearing a martial arts gi.. what a clown lmao

  37. 四千頭身の彼がいますねぇ

  38. Helmuth is such a liar. He said that like five times. I had a straight at the end.

    1. Has to cover for raising A rag AND let best hand get there by slow playin …

  39. 2:00 No, Phil, no fishing was going on. There were no bets on the flop, remember.

    1. The Patty because everything you say at the board is readable. It shows he was willing to risk it all for a turn or river draw, thus maybe saving himself a hand later in the tournament when someone would think he’s bluffing

    2. Never admit he fd up by raising with crap, and then let his favorite hand BEAT HIM by slow playing … HA HA HA

  40. What happened in the first clip did Phil fold or did he call, bc he said he had a straight but if he won, which he had the better hand so he should’ve said his cards

    1. Leffer suck it you’re wrong, someone folded a Q already that’s why it says 0%

  41. Any man chewing gum with the mouth open like that deserves to get punched in the face

  42. at 14:50 :
    Channing –> two pairs
    Obrestand –> High card
    How come Channing did not win this hand?!

  43. Guy with QQ is acting like its such a hard fold! Fold clown! His trust fund ass must have just started playing!

  44. Torelli should have folded on the turn. My mom plays better

  45. 0:46 saya dari dulu nyaman bngt main di 88juditop,club (tanda koma diganti jadi titik)
    pernah kemaren menang hingga 60 juta main roulete dan juga dadu , di situ asli fair bangt dan juga menang saya langsung di bayar di hari itu juga, pokok nya terpercaya dehh

  46. En la última mano nos enseña como no debemos jugar el par de AS

  47. Laak is the most in-denial person on planet earth

  48. I wouldnt like to play Tony G. My instinct would be to strangle the guy, and I wouldnt like to go to prison.

    1. Watching featherdusters a little too much, dontcha my boy?..

  49. I dont get the first one, Helmuth won right? Why does he act he lost its a confusing ending for me

    1. In full house the one with the highest 3of a kind wins

  50. I wanna smack that gum right out of his cocky mouth

  51. Check.. check… check. What a play by Antonius. Hook, line and sinker.

  52. I was guessing that hellmuths full house was stronger with an ace? is it because Black has x3 of 9s and thats what counts first hand? How many of 3x rather than 2x you have? Please enlighten me

    1. Not a poker player, but by my observations of all the videos Ive watched, I believe that the higher ranked 3x wins.

    2. yeah 999 beat the 555 the pair in a full house dont matter

  53. 15:15 why is she has 100%? She has nothing when the guy has 2 pairs. IM blind or smthng ?!

    1. Im new to poker but I think it might be because she had a straight( Ace,2,3,4,5) and Channing had a double pair

  54. Love Hellmuth.. Such a good reader of the game but never follows his instinct…

  55. 13:36 why obrestad has more chances to win than him if he got As and 4s? what does she did?

    1. They both have a full house but Black’s full house was better since he had 9 9 9 5 5 and Phil had 5 5 5 A A
      Always look at the higher three of a kind for example
      K K K 10 10 beats 10 10 10 A A

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