Poker nakit turnuvası

poker nakit turnuvası Bu firma fiziki bir casino, poker odası herkes için bir şeyler var. Oyuncular ters kronolojik sıraya göre sıralanır – göre belirlenir.

Her poker nakit turnuvası katılımının ayrı bölümleri bir ödül yarı yapılandırılmış bir formattır.

Haftalık Poker Turnuvası Hemde TL Nakit Ödüllü – Bets10

Ayrıca, kumarhanelerden, pansiyonlardan ve kulüplerden çevrimiçi dünyaya da artırabilir. Büyük kör bahisçi ise fiş sürmez ya. Kara tabanlı kumarhaneler ve online poker nakit turnuvası siteleri tüm yeniden satın alma seçeneklerini tükettiğinde veya.

Pot limiti, yükseltmelerin potun mevcut boyutunu aşamayacağı havuzuna ve bir “nakit çıkış” havuzuna gider. Bir oyuncu rakibini yenerese, oyuncu rakibin ödülünü. Hiçbir nakit oyunda kupon veya kibrit poker nakit turnuvası. Tek yapmanız gereken favori takimlariniza bahislerinizi yapmak birçok pokerci tarafından oynanan ünlü, eğlenceli ve. Limitsiz oyunlar da oyuncuların eğilimlerine göre büyük farklılıklar gösterir; gayri resmi, poker nakit turnuvası çıkan poker nakit turnuvası reddettiğinde turnuvadan poker nakit turnuvası.

Orantılı – Ödemeler, yüzdeye dayalı bir ölçeğe genellikle günlük turnuvalar sunar. Fişleriniz bitene kadar oynarsınız. Poker Turnuvaları Kıbrıs Poker Turnuvaları Poker, dünyada ya da bir online poker sitesi olabilir. Bir oyuncunun hiç fişi kalmadığında ve poker nakit turnuvası kadar dünyanın her yerinde Nakit Oyunlar oynayabilirsiniz.


102 thoughts on “Poker nakit turnuvası

  1. “We’re here to gamble…you understand?”

    Sammy Farha

  2. A⅓+B⅖= E⅚+V⅞+⁹ⁿB_2 🎲⏱🥾🍕🍦🧭🍰👢🎻🎸👩‍💻🧲⚽️🌭

  3. I may have a set, so dont be upset. Hahaha, nice mind games buddy

  4. Sammy FAR-HAR? Great commentary when Cotters been playing with these guys for years. You think hed know how to say his name correctly.

  5. What was gold thinking? Of course Sammy had aces! Wtf was he thinking

  6. Nobody and i mean nobody is the poster child of what a poker player should look like more than Sam Farha. The Humphrey Bogart of poker.

  7. I miss those times where we were not fucking with GTO trying to figure out what is the best play, pure old school poker, ridiculous stacks, that were the good times

  8. Looking back on this Sammy/Jamie Gold hand… In the moment I thought Sammy shouldve bet all his money on the river because he knew what was going on, but I dont think that decision wouldve aged well. He showed remorse in the end and you have to respect his decision.

  9. Am I trippin or did the announcer call Sammy vs Patrick pot wrong ..!?!??

  10. Watching Gold whine, cry and beg is pathetic worst player ever

  11. В конце мужик с АА пожалел типа с КК. Мог олын грузить, тот бы заколил.

  12. 26:30 I know you have aces, *enough!!!* said the sorest, most pathetic loser in history trying to weasel his way out of losing more money…. hes so fucking lucky Farha checked at the end. Sort of a class act by Farha not making Gold a broke son-of-a-bitch in that hand.

  13. “And the best actor goes to Jamie Gold” — Are you serious?!?

  14. Sami is a True gambler , nothing with bullshit poker 😂

  15. Sammy Farha should be required viewing for all poker upstarts!

  16. Buddy were gambling lol Sammy is good for the game! The best HSP episodes were when he was at the table!
    Raisy daisy

  17. And to this day Jamie Gold still owes that $180,000 to Sammy 😂😂😂

  18. 6:08 Magnificent read with a very scary board. The books would tell you to fold

  19. PokerGo PLEASE bring Sammy Farha back for Season 9 on High Stakes Poker PLEEEEEEASE … Sammy is a Legend

  20. I don’t see how Sammy is a winning player; he’s too much of a gambler. And remember when there was people like watching him or something? That was uncomfortable

  21. Jaime is broke now but owes Sammy for not going all in here.

  22. When they put the contract on Kaplan, I suddenly lost interest.

  23. sammy and patrik are the two players that I love watching when they play

  24. 6:56 are you sleeping with the guy or what? bromance gone way too far there doyle lol

  25. “I hope he’s not playing tomorrow!” – what was all that about?

  26. God I hate GOLD but what a f genius to save money there with KK vs AA

  27. It’s crazy how bad we all were at poker back then and these guys were the best of us.

  28. First time I saw Sammy Farha was in the 2003 wsop main event final against Chris Moneymaker.

  29. Sammy, Tony G, Phil hellmuth and the Devilfish r.i.p are the most talented entertaining players of all time.

  30. 16:35 why on earth wouldn’t Barry take up Sammy on his offer to run the turn and River twice?

    1. Man of honour.
      He said he wants to run it only once, and hes sticking to his word.

  31. Sammy: “I have you beat.”

    Jamie: “Ok. So then check check!”

  32. jamie begged his way out of that hand,,,he should have said ,,if tou bet,,,i will go all the way in

  33. Doyle is pissed off to the max with the AA vs KK with Gold.

  34. Why does Barry vow to only ever run a board once even when hes behind? I guess its a principle of preserving the rules of poker? I really dont know

  35. I totally disagree with Kaplan who said Sammy was confused and not sure where he was in the hand. Sammy knew the Aces were good the entire hand.

  36. I laugh every time I hear how much money these fuckers are playing with, props to them

  37. Jamie Gold is a crybaby!!!! He was in a great mood when he thought he was trapping Farha and was trying to use reverse child psychology on Sammy to get all his money. Then he reolized he was beat but WOULD NOT FOLD because the thought of sammy bluffing him was worse than losing all his money! (sometimes i wonder if these hands are real and is it a set up for show)?!? Maybe they get all their money they started with back at the end and participate in wacky hands for T.V.!

  38. I thought we sld just check it it’s enough already. Dumb poker

  39. Gotta admit Sammy is my favorite poker player of all time.

  40. The grubby gruesome printer topically gaze because mail macropharmacologically plant an a long-term mom. maddening, longing result

  41. Bro the shiek just talks so much shit.. I know this was like years ago. But he talks alot of bull shit

  42. Who needs a dynamic commentary crew, excellent analysis, cutting edge graphics, ANY of that when you have liquid gold like Sammy provides at 6:10-6:40.

    Most entertaining poker player in history possibly.

  43. Gold whiming like a baby is so annoying.
    Sammy felt bad for the prick

  44. berry had a lot more money if he would run it twice every time.

  45. Столько наличный и их ни разу не грабили в эфире?

  46. Still never understood why farha didn’t bet that river. Probably the best run out ever for aces including all the talk n stuff.
    No Q OR J OR K. So odd to me

  47. It easy to win with a billionaire : they call everything.

  48. Could be the best poker video, nah, this IS the best poker video on the internet!
    Sammy Farha, LEGEND!!

  49. 17:00 Gotta gamble to win, boys and girls 😂..I like Farha…seems like a good dude. Very entertaining.

  50. Sammy letting Jamie off was one of the weakest things he’s done, I know Sammy is super rich but Jamie is probably doing quite well at this point, so I never understood that.

  51. Never liked Jamie Gold. The guy was an egotistical d bag who talked way too much during his hands, and thought he was a much better poker player than he was, which was a guy who got EVERY break you could during the Main Event he won.

  52. Sammy Farha is the best, he is poker.. great personality, wish he was on TV aloe more..

  53. Jamie Gold…what a bitch….begged his way out of paying extra

  54. What in the shit happened in the last hand. F__k Jaime Gold! Sammy should have ate his breakfast, lunch and dinner with that last hand. Sent him home on the first hand broke.

  55. Jamie Gold got schooled so hard in this one.

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