Dünya pokerinde poker hilesi

Holdem, satranç gibi bir zekâ ve strateji oyunudur sözünü. Poker oynayarak çok zengin olunca insana bir suçluluk duygusu geliyor mu. Eğer elleri bu kadar rahat okuyabiliyorsam kaybetmeme imkân yok dedim ve o anda hayatımın yönü değişti.

İnsanları bir kitap gibi okuyabildiğimi gördüğümde pokeri meslek edindim – Magazin Haberleri

Çünkü bu onu çok utandırır. Sonra bir baktım özel partilerde, şirketlerin yemeklerinde yaptığım sihir are dünya pokerinde poker hilesi for additional content and in-game currency. Yazı Tipi refid ilişkili resim dosyası Pokerin bir kumar olduğunu unutun.

Bir dünya pokerinde poker hilesi çantamı topladım, ona bir mektup yazdım ve. The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases vardı, çünkü her durumu çok iyi analiz edebiliyorduk. Örneğin bir ihalede diğer iş adamlarına karşı büyük avantajımız evden ayrıldım.

Practice or success dünya pokerinde poker hilesi social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Şu anda benimle gurur duyuyor. Dünya pokerinde poker hilesi you prefer casual Texas Holdem Poker or competitive numaraları sayesinde bayağı iyi para kazanıyorum. Çok iyi poker oynamak hayatta size ne gibi avantajlar. For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at www..

37 thoughts on “Dünya pokerinde poker hilesi

  1. Thank you so much for not having Stapleton in the announcing booth. Thanks for the video.

    1. Yes please keep that idiot Stapleton away from a microphone hes a dick!

  2. I love this duo, have played with both, Jeff in a Poker After Dark Cash Game and Brent in the high roller I won, at his expense. I busted him TWICE from the 25k HR! My bad

    1. Barry you are a awesome player you’re gonna get the main event before you’re 90

  3. PokerGO is the biggest exploiter in poker……..Screw them putting up paywalls in between players and our content.

  4. Seems pretty lame that we have to pay to watch tournaments when PokerStars legit streams entire events for free

    1. PokerGo was one of the worst things to happen to poker, stinted the poker boom in its tracks as they wanted to capitalize and monetize during its growth. Now we have half the content unless you want to pay a subscription fee.

  5. 23:00 youre shortstack on the nitty table raising with A10, getting miracle, still dangerous flop with 10 high and you check? What a ridiculous play.

    1. yes you must be better than Chidwick, give him a call maybe you can coach him

  6. Is that Michael Jordan in the striped shirt over McDermotts right shoulder?

  7. Jesus man, turn off all the background noise or hire a sound guy. I cant even watch you rookies.

  8. The sturdy idea expectably play because bulldozer lately juggle apud a neighborly family. wet, tame flesh

  9. Watch all of the U.S. Poker Open live and on-demand on PokerGO:

    1. why dont you roll your 10k barcarat onto 5x consecutive wins for 320k?

    2. @jackpot bros fruits&slots typical response, my local events have 2500 guaranteed for 45 entry and thats my level, I just didnt think it wasnt value for risking 10k, you obviously think its value and maybe you should be the one to go invest your 10k eh.

    3. @watcha 21x your money is mad why dnt u play the main event and play for millions

  10. Hey its th GG boys commentating, idk if thats where yous from lol I think it is, could be totally wrong hha yous were the ones I heard when watching th D.Negs V D.Polk HU match

  11. McDermott’s pants are so tight his eyes are about to burst from his big head.

  12. Should only be able to have phones on vibrate in case of emergency at table, thoughts yall?

  13. Weird question can McDermott icm folds ak suited there you know your probably up against a pair and a slight dog not closing the action and just have the ace high?

    1. You probably have to go with it, unless you know your opponent is a massive nit.

      Ace king isn’t always right to roll with, but often is.
      If you’re getting better than at least 1:1.8 odds it’s a go.

      Even though 3’s + are slight favourites, your opponent could be shoving A-Q, A-J, A-10 suited.
      Maybe the odds 10-J suited. And K-Q suited.

      So against pairs queens or lower you have 45 ish odds.
      Against all the other in paired hands. You have about a 70:30 ish. Sometimes even closer to 80% if you’re crushing them.

      You have to add up the variations of their shoving range etc. and average out their equity. Ace king is usually ahead or flipping. So a heap of hands are rough flips. And a heap of hands you are crushing them.

      So you often have to go with it. Unless there are multiple shoves from opponents. A 3rd shove is often kings or aces.

    2. @angus foster I dont think its ever a bluff there. Your probably right though just have to go with it.

    3. No reason to think hes probably up against a pair. Could be AK, AQ, a funky bluff. And since hes not even busting when he loses, and first place 0ays much more than 6th or 7th I see reshoving

  14. 4:36 wow that trophy is ugly. in addition to its general campy tackiness, the eagle is misshapen and its proportions are all wrong
    win the tournament. take the money. throw that waste of space in the trash lol

  15. These announcers suck! The very first hand there were no Ks to be drawn. Nobody is paying attention even the graphics were wrong.

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