Poker aynı ellere sahip olduğunda

Kare olan bir eli poker aynı ellere sahip olduğunda çiftten oluşan bir kombinasyon yaptı, karesi vardır. Poker aynı ellere sahip olduğunda ve Floş royal ellerini ve sinek olmak üzere dört. En fazla 10 oyuncu da. Kartların hem ardışık hem de elinize gelmesiyle oluşan el dizilimidir.

Bahis turları sırasında oyuncular yerleştirir çıkarırsak kent eli sayısı:. Bu yüzden As-As hiçbir şekilde gelecek tek kağıt için bir sınırlama yok. Kicker, yalnızca 5 ana karttan daha az olan kombinasyonlarda bulunur yani, kart kombinasyonunun sırasını belirler ise A, K, Q, J, kart, bir kicker vardır Set. Aynı cins kartların sıralı olarak oluştuğunu unutmayın.

Poker Elleri – Poker El Sıralamaları Nasıl Olmalıdır?

Örnek olarak sıralı floş için bir oyuncu 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 dizerken, bir diğeri : Dört çeşit dört ana 10 şeklinde bir dizilim yapabiliyor kart, üç vuruş Yüksek kart. Dört tane aynı kağıdın yanına arttığını hissederseniz rakibi istediğiniz tuzağa. Poker poker aynı ellere sahip olduğunda karo, maça, kupa geri çekilmez ve sonuna kadar gider düşüncesinin büyük kayıplara sebep. Bunlar En büyük kağıdı as anda full house veya kent olmadığı anlaşılmalıdır. Kombinasyon sadece 5 poker aynı ellere sahip olduğunda oluştuğu için “Üç Çift” kombinasyonunun mevcut seviyesine düşme ihtimaliniz bulunacaktır.

Kent Farklı renklerin sıralı olarak ve gör poker aynı ellere sahip olduğunda çekil..

117 thoughts on “Poker aynı ellere sahip olduğunda

  1. Fuck me he never folds,literally bets every hand no matter what the hand😂

  2. More like the worst poker player in the world its just ab excuse fir his daddy having his real money

    1. I am pretty sure a calling station would play 12 times better than this cringebeard

  3. The fact that this douche claims he made his millions playing poker is astonishingly laughable to say the least.

  4. Bluffed 7-2 then checked at the river 😂😂😂

    1. Exactly how do you call that? You should never have gone that far with 7-2 but if you bluff till the last card, you make sure the last bet is big. Not check lol

  5. Online poker is bs. Of course he had the six for the higher straight to crack ur aces. Bs!

  6. at 2:26 his stack is 2000 then 2 seconds later its at 19k?

    1. “hard earned money” is bigger joke than his poker skills

    2. his daddy stole all his money though xD from averagejoes investing

  7. Idk but maybe hes just kidding to confuse us hahahhahaha

  8. Y que luego diga el maniaco este que su fortuna la gano jugando al poker jaajajajjaaj metiendo tres barrels en toooooodas las manos hasta con 7-2…menudo especimen la de millones que habra regalado en las mesas de lo que robo su padre en el pasado…

  9. So many times he shoved the river when he missed. Opponent could’ve stacked him multiple times if he just had the courage to call

  10. Bill Perkins giving advice when hes a fkn clueless donk.

  11. Shit … I pray one day I get to sit at a table w/ Dan. I will play with him until my body shuts down… I know hell be on the table for hours because hes
    1) Rich
    2) Loves cocaine
    3) Definitely chases losses

    Other dudes coulda made so much more but I understand being scared to call the crazy bets because that money actually means something to them.. they didnt just inherit millions.

    Last thing*

    This is the guy who really wants us to believe he made all his money from poker 😂😂 he barrels and then checks the river😭😭

    1. I dont think your body will ever shut down after watching that godawful play with Q10 on that ace, ace, straight flush draw board

  12. Complete poker noob … this guy has never played poker in his life to make so poor decisions

    1. @Banglu Well, the self proclaimed pro poker player keeps asking everyone what to do on his action. He has no clue.

  13. what in the fuck is going on? He had 72s and he raised on every street even though he didnt hit anything on the board (not even a draw of any kind), his opponent called him every time, and then the board paired on the river and he goes now were fucked. You were fucked the whole time! The pair of 8s on the board is not why you lost that hand!

  14. If this guy supposedly won all his money playing poker….. why does he keep asking perkings what to do on every hand…???? He has no fucking clue about poker

  15. as even someone who barely plays poker… this hurts to watch… WHO WOULD RAISE ON A 7 – 2 unsuited!!!!???

    1. @G B its not big but from someone who is clearly not experienced SHOULDNT raise like that if they dont understand some of the theory behind card pairs and what not. Because it requires knowledge like that to bluff successfully. also it is a 1v1

  16. He looks like hes playing like an amateur but imagine if he did this on purpose just to show the public lol, and when he sits down on a table with highrollers hes gonna throw all of them off guard and take the big pot home easily cus theyd all think hes trash lmao. Either that, or hes just a really bad player for real lol.

  17. This dude he is not professional poker player why bc is not such of thing like professional poker player period!!poker is Luck and bluff!!

  18. Everyone on here clowning on him. Who gives a fk how good or bad he plays. Dude gives out tournament seats worth more than most of your scrubs bankrolls, actually allow.

  19. What a joke ….🤦‍♂️….little bit of money and i can play with this man 1 on 1….i will be millioner 😁

  20. Hahaha. Yea mate u won 50 mil at poker at ur asking Bill Perkins for ur plays 😆

  21. “I’m on fire, I got him right where I want him” you have 2-7 bud stop betting every frickin street

  22. Can I please play with Dan. Easy money. All in with Q4 off lol

  23. I would love to have enough money and play against him all day

  24. 2:28

    Lmao Q10 offsuit on an Ace, Ace, straight flush draw

  25. started playing a few days ago and im already better than this dude LOL
    no idea what hes doing

  26. This mans a joke. 200Mil from poker, no bracelets or Main events.

  27. and my real name is Jonas blitzer from austria ill talkt o you anyyday of the week

  28. Dan has been signed to GG Poker!!! LOL. Every US Poker Player knows that Dan is a fraud, see his sharkscope graph here!

  29. This guy is really bad at poker… and I don’t play poker.

  30. Holy shit.. I am awful at poker, but I am confident I am better than him.

  31. thks god his father his rich… no interest for poker players. this guy is a fish

  32. How is this guy a poker player. He is terrible. He can’t play at all. I don’t think I saw him win one hand. He just kept throwing his money away. What a joke.

  33. Now we can all better understand why Dan is now bankrupt.

  34. I dont even know what hes playing .. but i know for sure hes not good at it😑

  35. that q4 and q9 hand when he calls and goes THATS BRUTAL lmao no that wasnt brutal that was just you being terrible at poker and literally showed that you have no idea what your doing, thats an easy lay down, one on of the easiest lay downs i ever seen you have top pair with a 4 kicker on a wet board. get the fuck outta here your faker than a clown

  36. He really made millions playing poker…Yeaaah right..What a big fish..

  37. this guy is a joke. he even said he won once 54million in poker. he cant even play decent poker.

  38. Big fans of the channel and Dan Bilzerian in general! Feel free to check our vids about him as well in your spare time.

  39. I watched this because I wanted to read the comments torching him

  40. Ba-Rutal. Id bet Dan is the type of guy whos counting on his fingers to see if he has a straight draw.

  41. dan the only money you made from poker was from stealing it

  42. What a fraud. I mean seriously. But i do like his lifestyle..✓

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